150 new electric bikes arrive in Kaunas: How many years should they last?

The temporary capital has become the first and only city in Lithuania where people will try out the modern design and state-of-the-art “Bolt” electric bicycle, which will be unveiled in 17 European countries this year.

“I’m sure Kaunas was randomly selected for such a service near other European cities. We promote a culture of cycling, not verbally, but with practical action: the ‘Like Bike’ project continues. Infrastructure for cyclists has been expanded. Now the network of bike lanes extends over 110 km.

Electric bikes are very useful for our city because many people have to overcome steep mountains when traveling from the center. We aim for this ecological transport not only as a form of entertainment, but also as a safe and convenient means of transportation for everyday travel. This is particularly in line with the green course chosen by Kaunas and the concept of sustainable mobility, ”said the Deputy Mayor of Kaunas. Andrius Palionis said.

According to Bolt, the purpose of the forum is to give modern city dwellers as many options as possible, allowing him to abandon his own car. Traveling with a new email. Bicycles in Kaunas will cost the same as scooters.

“Two and a half years ago, electric scooters did not lose their popularity because they occupied an important niche market in the constantly changing Kaunian life, but scooters were designed and built Ideal for the shortest commute in the city, and with electric bikes you can effectively travel 5 km. “More” says Eimantas Balta, said Eimantas Balta, head of development of sharing service “Bolt”.

According to him, this new bike is not inferior to the car, both technically and comfortably. Smart dashboard that tracks speed, charging levels and city speed alerts helps riders on the go. Advanced GPS helps the rider find the best route, and the charger included in the armrest structure helps keep it together.

The bike makers emphasize that special attention is paid to safety: the maximum speed does not exceed 25 km / h; Rigid pneumatic tires ensure good grip on the surface; Effective brakes – with brake drum on both wheels; Reliably protected rear wheel arches in adverse weather conditions and clear light support for accurate visibility in the dark.

The e-bike in Kaunas is expected to be as actively used as the “Bolt” motorcycle, but even in the case of such extreme use, the new bike is designed for a five-year life cycle.

In addition, its body is 100 percent made up. Recycled aluminum and integrated batteries are replaceable. This means that the maintenance team will not have to transport the bikes to the warehouse each time loading, which significantly reduces carbon emissions and allows us to keep the cost of the service attractive.

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