18-year-old Lithuanian defeats Czech Republic, advances to European Championship quarter-finals

The entire 12th Lithuanian team scored. Our team punished the strongest opponents during the recovery (65:29) points after the second inning (28:11) and the points from the penalty area (54:22).

As has become commonplace, the most powerful Lithuanian people are the rule of the leaders. Motiejs Krivas only took 10 minutes to record twice more. Sit on the bench for good in the third quarter, the midfielder has 16 points, 14 rebounds, 2 blocks and 30 points used. Paulius Murauskas, who hit the pack with perfect accuracy, added 20 points and 21 points in 18 minutes.

Lithuania will play in the quarter-finals on Thursday.

6:15 pm In the upcoming semi-finals, our team will face the barriers of the Turkish national team. Victory at this stage will secure a ticket to the world championship in the event of a fifth-place loss.

On Wednesday, the Turkish national team even defeated the English basketball player at 82:38 (23:11, 18: 7, 30:10, 11:10).

If the Lithuanian national team succeeds in defeating Turkey, it will face the winners of the French and Slovenian doubles in the semi-finals.

Pairs of the quarterfinals:

  • France – Slovenia
  • Turkey – Lithuania
  • Israel – Serbia
  • Spain – Italy

European U18 Basketball Championship: Lithuania - Czech Republic

European U18 Basketball Championship: Lithuania – Czech Republic


In the first 5 minutes, the two teams exchanged hot points, but soon the interests of the Lithuanian national team began to emerge, especially under the basket where Motiejus Krivas reigned.

With a strong initiative in their hands, the Lithuanians won the first half 27:16 and M. Krivas was just a hair out of two shots with 12 points and 9 rebounds in the second half. Time 8 minutes.

The Lithuanians did not delay and in the middle of the match they were led by 22 points – 51:29.

After a big break, our country’s basketball players, who showed undoubted advantage, increased the difference by 30 points (64:43) and decided the outcome of the match ahead of time. The largest bay between teams is 35 points.

Lithuania: Mr.aulius Murauskas 20, Motiejus Krivas 16 (14 rebounds, 30 assists), Kajus Leliukas 10, Domantas Sarauskas 8, Kristupas Keinys 7, Emilis Bartninkas, Modestas Babraitis 6, Arūnas Rimkustas4, Roselickas, 5 and Arūnas Rimkuszas. .) 2 each.

Czech Republic: Adam Luke 13, Tadeas Slowiak 10.


Karolis Abramavičius’ student won the first three matches and became the winner of Group D. The Czech Republic lost to Greece, Slovenia and Serbia to finish last in Group C.

At the start of the match, the Lithuanian national team defeated the Montenegrin national team 75:56 and in the next match they defeated the Italian team 79:61 and then defeated the basketball player from Croatia 83. : 54 and ranked No. 1 in Group D.

In case of victory, the winners of Turkey and the United Kingdom will face Lithuania in the quarter-finals. Finally.

At the Championships in Izmir from July 30 to August 7, Europe’s most talented young basketball players will fight not only for a medal, but also for a ticket in Of the five tickets for Europe to the 2023 World Championships for boys under 19 in Debrecen (Hungary). .

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