5 Lithuanian cycling routes to try

Now 15 minutes Offer to try 5 may not be very popular, but really interesting cycling route.

ដីiauliai dirt road – famous area for legends

In the តំបន់iaulės Mountains, located near the city of Šiaulėnai (Radviliškis district), you can try two scenic bike paths: one – 15 km long and the other – 17 km long.

Many interesting objects, mountains and interesting forests are encountered while driving along both roads.

The trail also includes some of the most popular places to visit in the area – the Šiauliai Observatory next to it – the legendary Šiauliai Mountains (also known as Mount Kudins and sometimes Mount Sun).

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS. / សង្កេតiauliai Observatory

The street consists of two buildings with special architecture and stories: ėiaulėnai and Diktariškiu. Unfortunately, the only Šiaulėnai building that was first mentioned until 1492 has already fallen into disrepair, and the Diktariškės Palace is in better condition – it can be bought now, all you need is 165,000. Euro.

In ទីក្រុងiaulėnai city itself you can visit the museum of Šiaulėnai region which is famous for its fascinating exhibitions. In the old building there is a real toaster. Household items, racans, marijuana, photos, etc. are on display here.

It is interesting that both in the museum and in the city center you can see traces of the country’s most famous photographer and photographer – Balis Buračs. This land is his hometown. In 1937 in Paris B. Buračas received a gold medal for his photograph of the minority.

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS.  / សង្កេតiauliai Observatory

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS. / សង្កេតiauliai Observatory

The song also surprises with the church standing at the Šiaulėnai cemetery. Once upon a time, the landowner of the Shemet family was buried there. You can even go down to the basement – the columbarium of the cathedral. Just across the street from St. Vihear Ana.

It should be noted that there are many swamps around ដីiauliai land. To this day, the elders of the area talk about the soldiers trained here, the great generals and the secret passages that are still called Kulgrindas. It is probably not for nothing that it is said that a famous battle took place in this area since 1236.

“Southern ring” of the Krekenava regional park – along the Nevėžis

In the area around Krekenava you can try up to 4 bike lanes. All are interesting and interesting to watch, but this time talking about the “Southern Arena”.

Beautiful views of Nevėžys can be seen on this road. The trail starts from the visitor center of the Krekenava regional park, where you can get to know the values, natural and cultural heritage of the area, visit places, opportunities for tourism, insights and recreation. There will also be permanent exhibitions, events and education organized here.

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS.  / Krekenava around

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS. / Krekenava around

If you want to do some exercise before pedaling, you can climb the viewing tower next to the visitor center. A beautiful view of Nevėžys and the open fields from it.

Of course, the city of Krekenava itself is included in the street. Here the impressive Krekenava street can be seen from a distance. The Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is also popular with cyclists.

The original Daniliškis limestone road, once owned by the monument of the same name, is also marked on this road. Although the building is no longer there, Linden Street has become one of the most visited objects in the area. Photographers especially like it because Linden Road is very long and the trees look great in all seasons.

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS.  / Krekenava around

Photo by Erika Ovčarenko / BNS. / Krekenava around

Surviliškis welcomes travelers on the right bank of Nevėžius. Here you can visit the wooden temple of Surviliškis Crucified Jesus, the observatory and the “Monkey Bridge” across Nevėžis.

Of course, there are many other things on the road that are worth exploring and getting to know firsthand.

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