A bike path will appear on the beach in Juodkrante

A section of the Greenway in Juodkrantė along the sea that is currently intended for both car and bicycle traffic will be bike lanes.

“This is the part where the bike lane widens and connects with the road until the end,” he said. This is necessary when designing a bike path from Smiltynė to Nida, “Neringa Mayor Darius Jasaitis told BNS.

A change to the Road Traffic Act (KET), which came into force in June, provides that bicycles will be marked with new road signs, especially mixed traffic will occur in them, but bicycles will be allowed to cross. As a whole. Of the road without respecting the right rules.

On these roads, cyclists may not overtake when entering the opposite lane, it is forbidden to drive faster than 30 kilometers per hour.

As a result of these works, 4 km of the green road will be temporarily handed over to the Lithuanian Motor Road Department (LAKD), which is carrying out the reconstruction of the ring road between Smiltynė and Nida.

“We need this transfer to be able to implement the solution and ensure the safe movement of cyclists and riders. We see an opportunity to do it on the Greenway and to do so the section is being transferred to our balance sheet so we can fix it in line with the bike path we are designing. When we do, we will return it (to City Hall – BNS) “LAKD President Remigijus Lipkevičius told BNS.

According to the KET Amendment, the legalization of bike lanes has opened up the possibility of organizing sections of the road in a way that gives priority to cyclists, but at the same time facilitates other road users.

“The so-called bike lane has emerged where cyclists take precedence, and at the same time a device has emerged that can solve that problem. There will be speed limits, cyclists will take precedence. Everyone should Feel safe and comfortable. To do this we need to make it adaptable not only for parking and transit, but also for cyclists and pedestrians, “said R. Lipkevičius.

LAKD is currently preparing to rebuild the bike lane from Smiltynė to Nida. Its 13.5-kilometer section from Smiltynė to Juodkrantė has already been designed and bids for contract work have not yet been announced. Another section of the route from Juodkrantė to Preila is currently being designed and the project should also be completed this year.

It was previously announced that reconstruction would begin in the second half of this year and could cost $ 8 million. Euro and this work is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

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