A. Novikovas: “We want to control the game”

Arvydas Novikovas, who attended the pre-match press conference, stressed that the team does not focus on losing the first round and only expects victory.

“I think the coach wants to play offensive football and show that we are really strong and that no matter the first game between us, we will definitely win and make the fans happy.”

He added that it was difficult to introduce some innovations in a short time, but the coach showed his importance.

“There is not much time to put something together. The coach says the philosophy he wants to play and I think with a change of coach the players get more motivated, it always happens when the coach New is coming, so I think we will go out and win tomorrow.

“At the beginning of the camp the mood was always good, nothing changed, everything was fine and I think it will stay the same,” said the Turkish midfielder.

Players also said that it would be more favorable for Lithuanians to play football based on counter-attacking, but against tonight’s opponents it will be necessary to play more football.

“Obviously it would have been better for us to play counter-attacking, but against the Faroe Islands we will not sit on the defensive, we want to play with the ball and control the game,” said A. Novikovas.

September schedule for the Lithuanian national team

September 22 (Thursday) at 9:45 pm Lithuania – Faroe Islands (LFF Stadium, live broadcast via VOA).

September 25 (Sunday) 9:45 pm Luxembourg – Lithuania (Live on VOA).

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