After Kaunas, Vilnius Stadium still beats itself: Goals for the city?

Kaunas scored the first goal for Vilnius – the Darius and Girėnas stadiums ended here as Vilnius continued to demolish the national stadium, which began 37 years ago. The LNK report discussed the matter with Tomas Jarusevičius, an adviser to the mayor of Kaunas.

– Which stadium works?

The stadium is amazing, today it is the largest in Lithuania with 15,000 green seats. High-rise buildings covered with roofs to protect against rain and bad weather, new runways, new infrastructure for all athletics. A stadium for football or rugby and everything you need for great good, not only sports but also music or business events. By the way, up to 30,000 people can fit here for a music event. People.

As for the goal against Vilnius, I think today we can correct that wing word that came out recently and say that the whole Lithuanian people should enjoy a brilliant victory. Finally, after waiting through more than three decades of independence, we have a stadium in our country that is a stadium that will not make Lithuania proud in front of the World Cup team.

– But there are still rivalries between Kaunas and Vilnius, right?

– You should ask the people of Kaunas yourself. I have no doubt that the people of Kona are happy. They saw it during four years of reconstruction and stadium construction. Some may be skeptical and pessimistic and do not believe it can work, others support and say things Would be good. In the end, the convictions, motives, and motives of the movement toward the Kaunas’s goals yielded appropriate results. Today, the city has something that the entire Lithuanian people have been waiting for for years.

– How many places are there in total?

– 15,000 seats for fans, comfortable seats for media representatives so that journalists can work comfortably and easily. In addition to the VIP school for the elite, there is a TV studio for live broadcasts, heating positions for the bench and coaches of the football team, and inside there is an administration room, dressing room and other modern infrastructure needed. For a modern stadium. Hope everything is ready without mistakes.

– Visible gaps between stands. Why is that?

The stadium is multi-functional and will be the center of a large Žaliakalnis sport and entertainment venue. As you know, on the other side of the fence the ring road and the new pitch are being built and on the other side of the stadium we have only one thing, the largest European oak tree in the city. We want to see oak trees even when we are sitting on the couch to find out where we are, what a wonderful part of the city we are in. So we have a lot of cracks where the oak environment around our stadium can be seen very easily and very beautifully.

The full LNK report is in the video:

– Is there a designated parking space for the engine?

– The stadium is built together with the new parking lot, it will be hidden underground, a new outdoor tennis court is installed on its roof. Another parking lot will appear under the newly built athletics arena, which will be an excuse for top-level athletics competitions in the stadium. A section of Radvilėnai Road next to the zoo on the other side of Ėuolynos is also being maintained, which will also have a parking lot. The reconstruction work of the Song Valley is also approaching. The parking lot there should also be expanded and created more space. The people of Kaunas have shown that we can manage well in the “galgiris” arena, despite skeptics who do not believe it is possible to avoid major traffic jams and that there will be problems with parking. It is believed that we will endure this work here as well, and Kaunas residents will look for opportunities to park their cars safely and comfortably, and perhaps come to major events by public transport.

Can you come to the game for the first time, when will the stadium open?

– I do not want to give a specific date and time, but promise that the first event should take place at this stadium in mid-October. Of course, it would not be possible without football, without fun and without music, and at the same time it should be an opportunity for all Kaunians who want to enter this stadium and the newly built and opened sports hall. In the middle. October.

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