After the basketball massacre in Berlin, the winner was also uncomfortable: Strange indeed.

Author: Mindaugas Augustis, especially for Delfi from Berlin,

Gold roosters hunt and kill eagles: In the last 35 years, the European Championship play-offs have not seen such a clash. Even Paul under the parquet of the Mercedes-Benz Arena was surprised by the final result – 95:54 Krepšinis.ltContrary to what France had to endure in the round of 16 and the quarter-finals. On Friday, the fight in the semi-finals of the championship seemed to run out of steam only halfway through the second quarter. A win with 41 points difference is the biggest trophy win. In addition, Poland set a record against the performance of the game. “Bialo czerwoni” doubles match does not really smell right now: no player earns double digits. In general, such collisions, the result in the qualifying round of the European Championships, have not been seen since 1987, when the Yugoslav national team at that time trampled 128: 81 … the same pole. “Of course we do not expect to win this way, especially after the many problems we had in previous qualifiers. Defender Thomas Heurtelis admits it It was strange to lose in the semi-finals with a difference of 40 points. Poland’s victory. ”Paul’s victory over Slovenia was particularly impressive in terms of how they resisted when their opponents caught up. This can happen on the field, especially in a game. This is not a series of seven games, we almost make sure “Twice myself. But to me such a surprise is the beauty of basketball.” Rudy Gobert replied: “Of course I can not predict that we will. Win by such a level. But we really did well and deserve such a victory. Before that, we were stuck on the offensive many times, but we knew that if we used our potential in defense we would be the most undefeated team in Europe. We will try to keep our defense level at the same level, in the final we will see what brings us After Paul defeated Slovenia, we knew we would have to deal with a serious team. . We set ourselves up accordingly, I think it was our best match. But the work is not over, we will have to play the same in the final, we were a bit lucky in the previous stage, but this An inevitable part of the sport. Now we are where we want to be stuck together, believe in ourselves and each other. Vincent Poirier, another of the team’s tallest players, said: “We respect the team that is lined up in front of us. We try to make it difficult for them every step of the way.” Scored 22 points in the semi-finals. Les Bleus reached the European Cup final for the third time in their history. In 2011 they lost to Spain in Lithuania, two years later they beat Lithuania in Slovenia. Round – without qualifiers. Offensively, we turned away, but the defense was great. Since this match, we have had a long way to go, we have to fight hard. “I hope we play our best game on Sunday,” said captain Vincent Collet. The match was watched by 11,500 people at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Spectators, including thousands of Polish fans, are waiting for a spectacular spectacle. We remind you that in the second semi-final in Berlin, the hosts Germany and Spain meet. : 85). Ashes of the championship defeated Ukraine (94:86) in the round of 16 and knocked out defending champions Slovenia (90:87) in the quarter-finals and third place match awaited on Sunday. .

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