After Vilnius was misnamed as the largest city in the Baltic states, city planners spoke of the capital’s devastating injuries: there was a reason that prevented access.

In early September, the news reached the public that Vilnius had become the largest city in the Baltic state and had surpassed Riga in terms of population. On the same day, opinions were heard that such titles were unreasonably given to the capital. So a simple question arises – to encourage Vilnius or to hand over the stolen title to the Latvian capital? In this one Delphi In an interview, VGTU University resident Saulius Motieka not only reveals the misunderstanding of the largest city, but also examines the endless term of incumbent Mayor Remigijaus Šimašius. .

What does the title of the largest city by population really mean? What is the main reason why the population has not grown in Vilnius for more than 40 years? And what was the biggest mistake made by Mayor Remigijus Šimašius during his two terms? For these and other questions in this. Delphi City planner S. Motieka answers the interview.

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