At the end of the bike race in Vilnius – Latvia’s incredible victory and painful fall

Photo: Elijus Kniežauskas

Held on the last Sunday of August, the “IKI Velomaraton” rides attracted professional and semi-professional riders. This year the riders rode without wasting the entire race – the fighting was fierce until the last second. This ending was marked not only by an incredible run, but also by the collapse of a leader.

Kotryna Teterevkova, who had just brought a bronze medal to Lithuania from the European Swimming Championships, gave the athlete a head start.

Famous Lithuanian athletes can be seen in the “sport” and “semi-sport” races: champion and ambassador “IKI Velomaratonas” Ramūnas Navardauskas and pentathlete Edvinas Krungolcs.

The winner of the men’s “semi-sport” team Audrius Meškys completed the 50-kilometer course in 1 hour. And 9 minutes and 19 seconds, and the female team leader and star of the Lithuanian venue, Olivija Baleišytė, was just one second behind A. Meškis. However, the biggest fight took place in the “sport” race between the guests from Latvia, Kristaps Knops, Aristidas Kelmelis, Mantas Andriuskevičius and Martynas Stankevičius.

Road 100 km in 2 hours. 16 minutes 37 sec. K. Knops, a guest from Latvia, hit and won while A. Kelmelis was just 12 milliseconds behind him. Third place on the podium was guaranteed by M. Andriuškevičius, who was only 60 milliseconds behind the leader.

The sport is 100km (10 laps of 10km) while the semi-sport is 50km (5 laps of 10km). “IKI Velomaratone” on August 21st. “Terrasport” skiers, skiers and skiers, as well as electric motorcyclists, and in separate groups the most beautiful “IKI Velomaraton” participants are children.

The event is part of Vilnius’ 700th anniversary program.

The project is co-financed by the budget of Vilnius City Hall and the Prime Minister.

“IKI Velomaratonas” invited more than 10,000 participants. Born to move forward

Among the guests and in the thousands of cyclists, one can see European Commissioner Virginijs Sinkevičius in 2020. Laura Asadauskaitė-Zadneprovskienė, runner-up at the 2016 Tokyo Olympics. Rio de Janeiro silver medalist Sauli Ritter, European pentathlon champion Ieva Serapinaitė, basketball rimantas Kaukėnas and Kotrynas Teterevkova, who won bronze at the European Swimming Championships a few days ago.

Benediktas Vanagas, organizer of the “IKI Velomaratonas”, also finished the ten-kilometer race.

Traditionally, fans competed in the most up-to-date contestants, the winners being selected and rewarded by “Audimas” who were invited to their tents to view and purchase the new fall collection to be Designed for the needs of every active entertainer. Couples. Along with Audimas, the LSU mobile laboratory arrived, where each participant could analyze body composition and test their anaerobic abilities using the Wingate system.

The most fashionable participant became Kristina Popova – Žaldarienė wearing a butterfly dress, the most fashionable participant – Andrius Pranckevičius, the most fashionable group – “Gevara”.

Other participants were also not forgotten – Akvilė, born this year, became the youngest participant, and Stasys Steišūnas, who reached the age of 90, became the oldest. Energy Smart, Light Conversion and Danske Bank collected the most marathon teams.

As every year, participants and spectators spend time in the city “IKI Velomaratona”, where they can see the heroes of the famous LNK TV show “Masks” take pictures on specially equipped walls and test the latest technology. The latest and most advanced in terms of cycling.

In addition, for the fourth year in a row, the Latvians “Greentrials” surprised the audience with their aerobic tricks, featuring their most popular program “Greentrials Bike Tour”.

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