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Ergins Atamans criticized FIBA ​​for attacking Furkan Korkmaz, match-fixing conditions and refereeing errors against Sakartvel.

In Sunday’s match against Sakartvel, the Turkish national team was shaken by all kinds of difficulties. After the defeat, Ergins Atamans publicly criticized FIBA ​​for attacking his student Furkan Korkmaz, losing 22 seconds and food at the hotel.

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“The biggest basketball event in Europe is the European Championships … what happened on the court and in the locker room is a scandal,” Ataman began his long speech. – I was informed that Tornike Shengelija, Goga Bitadze and Duda Sanadze attacked Korkmaz.

Our staff is also affected. When I went to the coach’s locker room after the game, I saw Korkmaz sitting there. This is a scandal. Everything here is a scandal starting with our arrival in Sakartvel. Every day, especially on the first and second days, we went to practice for 40-45 minutes due to traffic.

There are no special meals for athletes at the hotel. OK, nothing great here, but FIBA ​​has to protect the players in the game. What happened yesterday was a scandal. After the match, when my players went to the locker room, they were attacked by the local police. They tried to push us into the locker room and they attacked our federal vice president. All of this is incredible.

This is only part of it. On the other hand, we did not play for 22 seconds in a match. It’s a basketball game. Overtime and we have the ball in hand, we are given only 2 seconds.

During the match we tried to sue the referee but they replied that there was no problem. We then officially complained immediately after the match because 22 seconds is a long time to play football Throw. We are now waiting for FIBA ​​to cancel the match or allow the last 4.5 minutes to be played.

If it’s not, it’s really funny. Mistakes unlike Cedi Osman players and dismissals are also ridiculous.

This is a mistake, unlike funny sportsmen. I appealed this decision. This is a huge loss for the basketball world because of these players coming here.

We come here to enjoy sports, not to go to war with anyone. In addition, it was a big surprise for me that professional players like Shengelija or Bitadze came to the dressing room and attacked my student Korkmaz. “It was a big surprise for me.”

Although Korkmaz is still healthy, according to Ataman, this could affect the entire team.

“You saw the training,” Ataman said. – The psychology of my players is not good right now, especially Korkmaz. He is an NBA player. Imagine if it happened in the NBA.

Omer Onan, vice-president of the Turkish Basketball Federation, threatened after the incident that the national team would leave the European Championship if they did not receive a video of the attack.

Baris Kuyucu, a member of the Turkish Basketball Federation, confirmed to BasketNews that they are still waiting for the video.

“No, we are not thinking about leaving the game,” Ataman explained. – Sure, if we continue, how will we be able to play basketball? “We talked to other groups, they also complained.”

“Everyone complains about different situations,” he added. – I spoke with representatives of Montenegro and Sergio Scariolo. Everyone complains. “Of course, if we do not get the video, we will think about leaving.”

“Today our government called me and the President of the Turkish Basketball Federation, Hedo Turkoglu. Everyone attended. First we need a video. “Police could not enter the locker room and attack our players or staff.”

The protesting Turkish national team is still waiting for a response from FIBA.

“FIBA told us within 24 hours. Ataman confirmed.

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