Autumn without cars: bicycles and motorbikes are changing Lithuanian travel habits

Cycling or scooters are not a means to an end. This environmentally friendly vehicle has even replaced some of our cars, making it easier to cover short distances. In addition, the use of these vehicles not only saves the environment, but also improves well-being.

For those who are considering which car to choose, the expert “Senukų” recommends taking into account their personal needs and taking into account the most important technical parameters.

Scooters are a compact travel companion.

One of the main advantages of scooters is their ease of use. There is no need for long lessons to drive this car.

They are also small and can be stored even in a small space, for example under a table or in a special bag. And there is no need to look for a special parking lot for scooters in the city – it can be left in a place where it will not disturb pedestrians or car traffic.

However, for those who want to buy a scooter, experts advise to consider some important technical features.

# 1. Motor size. To ride a scooter comfortably, it is important to choose a vehicle that is the right size for the weight of the passenger. Depending on body weight, the speed that can be generated on the same scooter also varies.

Experts recommend measuring the base of the scooter as well – both feet should fit on it. If the base is too small it will be unsafe and uncomfortable to ride.

# 2. Travel distance | Battery capacity. When choosing a scooter, consider the distance you will cover with it. Remember that the larger the battery size, the longer the range. So if you are planning a long trip, it is best to choose a model with a larger battery.

It should also be remembered that the distance traveled with a fully charged battery depends not only on the capacity of the battery, but also on the weight, speed or road surface of the passenger.

# 3. Engine power. Considering the age of the passenger and the driving experience, the motor power of the scooter should be chosen correctly. The more powerful the engine, the easier it is to overcome the mountain, they accelerate faster regardless Passenger weight. It is also interesting to see if the scooter has a different power mode – this is especially relevant if the child is going to ride it.

# 4. Wheel diameter. It is also worth paying attention to the wheels of the car. If you plan to ride only on smooth surfaces, you can opt for a motorcycle with smaller wheels. The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to overcome holes or irregularities on the road. Well, if most of the time you will travel through the cobbled streets of the old city – then choose not only motorcycles with big wheels, but also shock absorbers.

The most flexible option is a scooter with larger tires that is suitable for different roads: both urban and rural roads.

# 5. Weight. Another important parameter is the weight of the motor. This is especially true if you always wear it. To make climbing stairs or loading them into public transport easier, it is worth choosing a lightweight and foldable model.

Bicycles are a healthy way to travel.

Bicycles are another environmentally friendly means of transportation that are increasingly being chosen instead of cars. They can be used to cover long distances – unlike when traveling on a scooter, you are not limited by the capacity of the charged battery.

It is also a means of improving well-being, after all, many muscles function when the heart and blood vessels are strengthened, and the brain produces happier hormones – endorphins.

According to the “Senukai” business network, in-store sales increase the most in the spring when the weather warms up. Then customers are interested in both children’s and adults’ bikes. The store representative notes that the demand for spare parts for bicycles is increasing every year – Lithuanians want to enjoy a more comfortable and safe journey.

To make it easier to choose the right bike among the different models, specialists check their most important parameters.

# 1. Types of bikes. When choosing between different bike models, it is important to consider the terrain you will be riding.

If you are planning to ride around the city, choose a city bike that will be fast and flexible and can adapt to riding on asphalt roads. For those who plan to ride a bike in the forest, experts recommend choosing a mountain bike with a durable mechanism. And thicker tires. If you plan to ride both in the city and outside, a hybrid bike is the perfect choice.

# 2. Wheel height and frame. One of the most important criteria when choosing a bike is its appropriate size according to the age, height and length of the person’s legs. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations presented. For example, it is best to choose a wheel size 14 for children 91-102 cm tall and at least 26 for people 163-188 cm tall.

It is also important to choose the right height of the wheel frame. It is best to follow the rule that when standing upright there should be a gap of 1-3 cm to the frame.

# 3. Number of devices. Although higher gearbox numbers seem more attractive, in this case it is best to evaluate their actual needs. The smoother the road and the smaller the hill, the less equipment will be needed. And if you intend to climb a mountain or drive on a forest road, it is definitely worth buying a model with extra equipment – this way you will easily overcome all obstacles of the road.

# 4. Bicycle parts. To make the driving experience as good as possible, it is a good idea to take care of the necessary bicycle parts. First of all, it is a helmet that is a necessary travel companion. Mud masks will be easy to use on a rainy day and if you plan to carry extra items on your trip, it is easier to put them in a box or storage area. Some of the key accessories are high-quality lights and sound signals that ensure a safer ride, “Sen ų ų ជំនាញ ជំនាញ ជំនាញ អ្នក អ្នក អ្នក ជំនាញ ជំនាញ អ្នក អ្នក អ្នក ជំនាញ Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen ភ្លើង ភ្លើង Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen Sen

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