Basketball experts name what makes a Lithuanian team happy and what you need to understand about Spain

The Lithuanian national team faced Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday in local conditions, but sadly: if you win you advance to the round of 16, if you lose you go home.

Thanks to Kazi Maksvyčius and the man who did well, the final scenario is forgotten and the Lithuanian national team is packing their bags as the journey to Berlin awaits.

When the Lithuanians, who dominated the match after the first half, defeated the Bosnians 87:70, Urbas also took a deep breath.

As he himself said, the victory of the national team did not turn out to be very emotional, but this is It is a self-expression. The Lithuanian national team defeated the strongest team of “Eurobasket 2022” called “Dead”.

“There may not be joy here, but here to put it to people the situation:” Foo … “Talk to U.Urbonas take a deep breath through the entrance. – But I don’t think we should be blown away by leaving the team. It must be acknowledged that this group is the strongest – call it the mortal you want, but it is the strongest. “Especially compared to Group D, which is funny because there are only Serbs.”

For the Lithuanian national team, Group B has taken a difficult path and the mood of the basketball country is very bitter. The first three games ended in defeat. Initially, K. Maksvytis’ team lost 85:92 to one of the favorites of the champions, Slovenia, with Luka Dončičius, then lost 73:77 to the highly acclaimed Frenchman.

And a 107: 109 loss to Germany after two overtime would fall into the Lithuanian basketball legend – the discussion of missed chances was overshadowed by a stupid error by the referee after that The nation even complained that it was not approved by the FIBA.

Emotions added to all emotions – the Bosnians conquered Slovenia 97:93, thus complicating the situation for a while.

It is because of the last game that Lithuanian fans are rooting for the Frenchman at the Cologne Arena when they face Bosnia and Herzegovina – the final victory means K. Maksvytis will return home with the team.

However, the French did not play the game and control everything properly, they won 81:68 while the Lithuanians defeated the Hungarian team without leader Adam Hanga. At 87:64.

That’s how it led to Wednesday’s game. According to UUrbon, the national teams of Lithuania and Bosnia and Herzegovina came in very different situations.

U.Urbonas called out the little words popularized by the Rokos Jokubaitis attacker: “We have experienced emotional turmoil – the Hungarians have been defeated, the stress has been removed and peace has come.” – The team came up with a different mental state. We are not tired, the leaders are refreshed. Bosnia and Herzegovina do not have much strength and potential. “They had a tough last game where they gave a lot.”

He was happy that A. Butkevičius was resurrected.

The Lithuanian victory really gave them a chance to breathe, but the fans must already feel some kind of peace during the match itself. If at the end of the first half the Bosnians played hard and even tied the result (28:28) then in the second half they let us control.

“In the second half you can see they broke up. It was still the start of the third quarter when the Bosnians could come back but the team was already broken Ž Urbonas said about the time. The Bosnians, followed by 22 points, narrowed the gap to 11. – But we already managed. They were taken. It was already difficult for the Bosnians to return. “They resisted the Lithuanians as much as they could.”

Jonas Valančiūnas, who is on the wave, is tough for his powerful 28-year-old NBA rival, 211cm tall Portland Trail Blazers center-back Jusuf Nurkic. J. Valančiūnas, 2 cm tall and one year older, scored 13 points, this time recovering 15 goals (4 attacks) and even making 5 assists.

The usage score of the Lithuanian national team leader is 31.

The same number of points was scored by Ignas Brazdeikis and Arnas Butkevičius, who played their best matches at the European Championships and gave an impressive time. A. Butkevičius set up his match when he took the ball back after an unsuccessful placement by Domantas Sabonis in the fourth quarter and put it into the pack through an opponent.

This time is also interesting in that Miralem Halilović, who stopped D. Sabonis’ preparation, said something while looking at Domant’s face. At that moment, he turned away from the ball, which was caught by A. Butkevičius, and finished with a put.

The two Lithuanians then responded to M. Halilovič by shouting.

U.Urbon especially selected A.Butkevičius and stressed that from now on we should see his significant contribution to the results of the national team.

“At least for now I’m happy to see A. Butkevičius join everyone. You want other players not to feel like basketball players of choice. He already played like Vilnius “Ryte” – so freely he took the initiative, he did what he excelled in. “It’s a national team game because he used to get minutes, but not in the shadows, but somewhere nearby,” Urbonas said.

According to the former Juventus boss, this is a good sign for all the non-key players in the squad. National.

“We want other players not to feel that they are inferior to the national team. “Yes, we have leaders – Jonas Valančiūnas, Domantas Sabonis, Mariias Grigonis, but others must not feel like they are passing.”

Spain is a strong opponent

The Lithuanian national team will play the 16th round match against the Spanish basketball team on Saturday. The Spaniard, who is experiencing a change of generation, defeated the Turkish basketball player at 72:69 on Wednesday after a hard-fought victory in Group A. Turkey – Second.

Sergio Scariolo’s side have won four times, but they have fought against weaker rivals Lithuanians – teams from Georgia, Bulgaria, Belgium and Montenegro.

“I do not think the team played the best, even though we have played against strong teams before. So far, the best match should be played against Spain, “said Urbonas.

The Lithuanian national team will face Spain, which is different from what we have seen in the last decade – Sergio Scariolo has a total of eight new players. Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Juana Carlos Navarro, Fernando San Emeterio, Sergio Rodriguez, Ricky Rubio – Some of the most famous names in the history of Spanish basketball are not in the national team.

And Lithuanian fans already have time to look at the new team: K. Maksvytis’ team played two friendlies against Spain – they won 82:77 in Spain and 78:76 in Vilnius.

“If you look at the friendly or clash between Turkey and Spain in the European Championships, you can immediately notice the difference between the two,” said Urbon.

“This is a team that plays a lot inside. Their precincts are vague and we have a front row that can represent their tough men. We have the potential to defend ourselves, which is important. “We have more weapons in the attack,” Urbonas said. – We have already shown that they can beat, even if it is a friendly match, not all the leaders are there, but we see that we can win. These are not the Spaniards they used to be, but there will be a lot of tension as a result of the draw. I believe we learned our lessons as a team, so I hope they show good results. As they say: “For Lithuanian men.”

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