Bicycle crisis: supply is stagnant, sales are down by 50% and prices do not stop rising – not the limit and 15 thousand. Euro

Bicycle sellers do not hide that it was difficult at that time. There is a special lack of light sports, low armrests and high wheelchairs.

Bicycle prices have risen sharply in the last two years and sellers have warned they will continue to rise. According to them, you can find bikes for 15 thousand. Euro. And the best selling prices in Lithuania range from 500 to 1 thousand. Euro.

It is predicted that the market should be normalized in 2024-2025, but others claim that the deficit in Lithuania is fake because before the epidemic there was never a lot of luxury bike sales here.

Price from 499 to 675 euros

Viktorija Kaupienė, director of Velonova, said demand for cheaper bikes had declined this year, but demand for more expensive bikes had increased. She pointed out that there is still a shortage of gravel wheels, which are currently in high demand.

“Recently, it has become very popular to use gravel bikes in the city: it is lightweight, fast, can ride on gravel, off roads and other surfaces. We advise you to look for the bike you want during the off-season because it will be lacking again in the spring, ”V. Kaupienė commented.

She calculates that since the beginning of isolation, bicycles have been about 20 percent more expensive. And it is still more expensive: “The cheapest hiking bike before being put aside was 499 euros last year, 625 euros, now it is 675 euros.”

Bicycle Shop (Photo:

Donatas Jankauskas, deputy director of, says demand for bicycles has dropped by about 20%, the market has adjusted and bikes are arriving late.

He also notes that road bikes and gravel are the hardest to get: “Once you find the right model, we advise you not to Let’s wait because it disappears from the store very quickly. ”

D. Jankauskas states that bicycle prices actually increased during the year, discounts decreased.

You have to wait more than a year for a new bike.

Ugnė Baukutė, commercial manager of sports and entertainment store “”, does not hide the fact that there is currently a shortage of all kinds of bicycles: both gravel and electric hybrids.

According to her, the slightest shortage is felt in the cheapest part, and here the bike manufacturers of well-known brands warn that at this time the wait can last a year or more.

The interviewer explained that this was due to high demand, lack of components, as it is known that during the outbreak of Kovid-19, many factories had to stop their work, have production lines and the waiting time increased significantly. Note.

U. Baukutė hopes that “we see a gradual improvement in the situation, we hope that the situation will improve. “Slightly higher in the coming years.”

She revealed that the cheapest bikes start at 250 euros, while the most expensive bikes cost 15,000 euros. Euro is not the limit: “Of course you should not expect a good bike for 250 euros. “Suction gear and foot brakes.”

Bicycle (Photo: Vilnius City Hall)

Interviewers state that the best-selling bikes cost 500-1 thousand. Euro. She says the bikes are slightly lighter, have amateur components and are made by reputable manufacturers. And the most expensive ones are reserved for athletes – they are especially lightweight and use the latest technology.

High end wheels are the hardest to get

And Lukas Bačiulis, a representative of Dvirtex wheel management, noted the decline in demand for their bikes and accessories in the wholesale and retail trade this year.

He said that a year ago there was a shortage of bicycles, even the cheapest bikes still did not meet demand: This is a cheap enough bike, but buy less.

L. Bačiulis also mentioned that there is currently a shortage of medium, high and top wheels.

“We have customers who ordered bikes of this level a year ago, but the factory has not yet produced them,” the interviewer told reporters.

According to him, if you want a specific bike, you should order it in advance and do it now so that next year you can start with a new purchase in the spring and not at the end of the summer.

According to L. Bačiulis, prices rose 5 to 15 percent during the year.

He estimates that bicycles for new adults start at អឺ 300, children’s bikes start at អឺ 150 and electric bikes start at ពាន់ 1,000. Euro: “Electric bikes start at អឺ 500 more expensive than analog bikes due to motor batteries”.

Bicycle (Photo:

Sales are down 50 percent.

Justin A., manager of the e-bike shop “”, ensures that the flow of buyers has decreased as expected this year. “We estimate that the decline in sales in Lithuanian bicycle shops of different shapes should be between 25 and 50 percent compared to 2021,” the interviewer shared.

He points out that, as always, most hybrid MTB bikes and “entry levels” are sold in Lithuania – these statistics have not changed over the years: “In our shop, the price of such bikes varies between 450 to 900 Euros “.

According to the interviewer, the price of bicycles has increased by about 10-15% compared to last year.

And director “Vasarė” Rytis Paulikaitis does not hide that the bike is available to both 300 and 7,000 people. Euro.

Money (Photo: Fotodiena / Justin Auškelios)

Bicycle deficit is half formed

R. Paulikaitis does not feel severely deficient. According to him, there is a shortage of sports bikes with more modern equipment: “We have bikes ranging from the cheapest to just a few hundred. Premium And comfortable business class with belt drive for 7-9 thousand. Euro.

However, we are ordering these bikes two years in advance because of the supply of bicycle parts to the assembly plant. Still stuck.

He warned, however, that the ingredients would take 36 months to arrive at the factory after being ordered. According to R. Paulikaitis, if you want something personal, you may be disappointed that no one will be able to predict the delivery date, as there is no way to name it.

According to him, because a bicycle does not have spare parts made in Asia, shipping by sea is more expensive. Shipping by sea increased from 3,000 USD (about 2.9 thousand euros) to 12 thousand. USD (about 11.7 thousand euros) per container.


And in Justin A.’s opinion, the deficit of certain bikes is half “created” because there has never been a sale of luxury bikes, especially in Lithuania, and bringing such products into your store is always a risk. Huge.

For this reason, according to the interviewer, such bikes are only transported by pre-order.

“Of course, last year was different and it seems to everyone that Lithuanian buyers” grew up “for higher-priced bikes, but such an idea was wrongly developed because of the complete shortage of bicycles and Restrictions on other.Activity People buy everything they can afford.

As a result, sales of high-end bicycles have dropped this year in particular. ”Justin A.

The market deformed by the epidemic will normalize in 2-3 years.

Ultrabike’s spokesman says demand is down 7-10 percent this season as consumers realize bicycles are not the primary demand in the face of inflation.

According to him, the top bikes are especially hard to come by because sometimes epidemics have led to an increase in street sports and active outdoor recreation when the gym is closed: Increase interest in bicycles and their related items: clothing, helmets, shoes, etc.

Representatives of the store point out that bicycle parts manufacturers can not meet the growing demand of spare parts on a global scale. According to him, the whole market should be normal in 2024 or 2025. This is according to the forecast of the bicycle parts manufacturer.

Cycling (Photo:

Interviewers say the prices of mountain bikes start at 389 euros, hybrid or travel bikes – from 429 euros, road bikes – from 909 euros, “gravel” bikes – from 809 euros, electric bikes – from 1349 euros.

“These are the starting prices for bicycles. The price depends on the material from which the wheel frame and fit are made, what level of parts the wheel is fitted to, what wheel, the absorber, the electronics. Wheels, etc. The cost of an exclusive bike can exceed 20 thousand. Euro ”The store representative does not hide.

He said the price of bicycles compared to this year and last year in January. Prices rose about 15 percent. According to him, the problem is not only caused by inflation, but also because some manufacturers have not raised their prices for three years in a row.

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