Bicycle deficit: After ordering, you may have to wait more than a year

Irmantas Jurevičius, គ្រប់គ្រងiauliai-based store manager, said that today most customers are interested in mountain bikes or hybrids, which are not yet in short supply, but when it comes to other models, you can. Face the problem.

“If you need bigger bikes, smaller bikes or more complex installations, unfortunately it may “No more.”

According to representatives, if you are going to buy a bike, it is good to start thinking about it already in the winter.

“And if it is very specific, even it should be ordered. And it is possible that you will not get it next year, but next year, ”the manager warned.

In uliauliai, as they say, bicycle buyers may have to wait a day or a week, but often visitors from the surrounding area want a bike here and now, so it is often warned that it Unable to find. The right color or size.

According to this representative, people tend to spend up to 700 euros on cycling.

“If it was children’s metal, they cost up to 150 euros, and for aluminum it was about 300 euros.

Adults pay 400-600 euros up to 700 euros, ”the representative calculated.

UAB CEO “Baltik vairas” said that today there are still problems with the supply of components.

“Although demand for bicycles, which increased significantly during the Kovid-19, is stabilizing, we are still running at full capacity for the second year, regardless of the season. Compared to 2020, our production has more than doubled and we would have increased further if not for the severe shortage of components needed for production to continue.

Due to the long delivery time of components, we are now already planning production in 2024 and in 2023. It has already been completed. ”

Bicycle deficit: After ordering, you may have to wait more than a year

EL DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

The manager said the company’s main markets were the Netherlands and Germany, so they specialize in urban cycling.

“When it comes to growing demand, electric bikes are the leader. “In the mentioned countries, bicycles are widely used as a means of transportation in the city, so electric bikes win here.”

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