Bicycle storage in Klaipėda remains empty

For the second year in a row, bicycle storage on the Rumpiškės road block remained empty. The rulers of the tabernacle, who wanted to open it again and again to the people of the microdistrict, had fallen into the trap of a precious era – they had already tried to buy locks and video cameras three times already.

Keep clothes worn

Last year, the daily newspaper “Klaipėda” wrote about homes that stimulate the interest of residents, a purpose that many do not know. Residents of Klaipėda speculated that perhaps a vegetable seller would be located there or that some services would be provided.

Inga Kubilienė, chief adviser to the deputy director of the Klaipėda city administration, assured that the black structure with the windows would function as a wheel loader, but so far six of the eight remain empty.

Each shirt donated to the Red Cross is temporarily kept, and in some cases signs of use Some uses are also visible.

Did not buy a tripod three times.

Employees of the public institution “Klaipėdos keleininis transportas” are entrusted to the administration of the pavilion.

Its leader Andrius Samuilovas admits that Klaipėda residents have not yet been able to keep their bikes in designated sheds.

“But we have already done half the housework: we know what the keys will be and the video surveillance camera will hang. The only problem with the stand is that we do not meet the market price. With a certain amount. “We can not buy as much as we want. We will try to buy it for the third time this year. This, ”A. Samuilovas said.

According to the rules of public procurement, you can not order such products from poor craftsmen.

Locks and camcorders already purchased are expected to be installed in September. During that time, it was desirable to buy a bicycle racket, which is good to install.

“While we were looking at what to do and trying to buy, two more tents were built on the other side of the block. I do not know when we will cut the ribbon, but we are on our way, I see that many houses are already used for charity centers and small communities. Through the window we can see that some life is in progress. Obviously there is a temporary permit to do something, but not to leave the bike. Once things were bought, it was likely that temporary housing would be requested – A. Samuilovas shared his hopes of how long it would take to install them. I really hope that in September we can see the first scratch – installation work. Then we will scratch to the end.

Without the right level.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is no air in the building, it is hot inside, the windows are foggy. In cold weather, dirt will travel inside with the wheels.

Another problem is that none of these tents have the proper level or slope to bring in bicycles. There have been two attempts to install separate levels for each cabin, but no single offer for the manufacture of such equipment has been accepted.

“According to the public procurement law, you can not order such products from poor artisans, such individuals can Knows how to fake, but he can not apply or have a lot of other work, so he can not do not care No such difficulty. We will try to start the operation without a ramp. They are necessary, but not in the first place. The most important thing is to get inside and lock the wheels securely. Head of the institution that manages the bicycle storage area.

In Scandinavian countries where bicycles are part of everyday life, open and even multi-level racks are built. In Klaipėda it will be necessary to prepare for the use of the pavilion as already built.

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