Bicycles are not just for sports

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Bicycles have already become an alternative means of transportation by car or public transport. The bike lane network is expanding, special parking lots (garages for bikes) are popping up in apartment buildings and cities, and it is easy to put bikes together on trains and buses when traveling long distances.

More and more electric bikes are for the common man. Although similar to conventional machines, having a motor, they have clear advantages in some situations. So who values ​​them more?

You travel. After all, you can travel to work by bicycle, avoid traffic jams, sit in the car for a long time and at the same time stay active. If necessary, electric bicycle travel can be combined with public transport. Foldable electric bikes are handy for this. You will arrive faster, relax and almost never get hot, and weather conditions are not a problem – it is important to choose the right clothes so that wind and rain can not block you.

Courier. For small and large businesses that are concerned about fast, long-distance transportation, e-bikes are a cost-effective solution and at the same time contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability and ecology. E-bike is a great way to travel that is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Not only does it not emit harmful substances, but it is also cheaper than having a car. In addition, maintenance is cheaper than a car.

Older people Often mentions the mention of bicycles with youth and youth. Sometimes cycling becomes difficult in old age. Electric bikes are a great solution that makes it easier to move around and enjoy the ride.

Those who like to relax quietly. With e-bikes, it is easy and simple to travel on different roads to find new places in the city or in the countryside. Visit various natural patch parks, the most beautiful places in Lithuania and at the same time breathe fresh air and do light exercise. Electric bikes are a great tool for riding with friends and family, even with the strongest riders in the group – e-bikes. Your bike Everyone has a chance to be in the front row.

“IKI Velomaratonas”, the 13th largest Baltic cycling festival in the world, invites you to ride this year on August 21st. In Vilnius. Start and end are scheduled in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. During the event, Decathlon cycling enthusiasts will not only advise on how to choose a bike, but will also share tips on how to maintain it throughout the year. And for those who do not have time to inspect the wheels, a mobile workshop is waiting for them. Volunteer cyclists can ride 10, 20 or 30 kilometers. Athletes – 50 and 100 km. Email Participants Children’s scooters and “Terrasport” skates, skateboards and scooters will ride on a 2.4-kilometer stretch of road. Participants can register at: The project is co-financed by Vilnius City Hall.

Until Velomarathon

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