BMX cycling has a friendly atmosphere

Cross-country bikes, commonly referred to as BMX, were born in Lithuania more or less 30 years ago in uliauliai on the initiative of Albert Rimša, a former cyclist who later became a coach.

Although he no longer trains young athletes, A. Rimša is still interested in cycling. He collected a lot of advice from years of work with cyclists. BMX pioneers in Lithuania say fear prevents athletes from reaching their maximum potential.

“The atmosphere in BMX is very friendly. There was a family living in Florida (USA) who, after a phone call, stayed with us, as well as Czechs and Latvians. Likewise, they used to come to us to the Latvians. I do not think it is the case in other sports.

It does not matter that we are opponents, but that communication helps to improve. Before, we used to go to competitions and were afraid of foreigners. The Dutch, Belgians and French know each other because they play together almost every weekend. They are already brave.

In the United States, instead of thinking ahead, a cyclist stepped backwards at the start. All the Americans were surprised and asked him why he was doing this and he was probably afraid to join the group. Previously there was a line and the rider had to get off the platform starting on his own path. Now you can block opponents and slip immediately. ”A. Rimša shared his memories.

When asked about the cost required to train BMX, the former cyclist admitted that the sport is not cheap: “If you want to ride with good equipment, it is not cheap. Good new bikes are expensive, but you do not have to start over. If the athlete makes the national team get a bicycle from the Olympic Committee.

What’s the point of buying a bike for a newcomer for a thousand euros, he does not need it. He can also ride a simpler bike than the first. When the athlete improves, maybe the sports school itself will provide the bike. If you can not afford a new bike, it is a good idea to buy a used one. You can buy one for 300 euros.

A. Rimša adds that attention is not only enhanced in training skills, but also one of the most important attributes of BMX-wheels: “Bicycles need to be cleaned and maintained to keep the brakes in order. Make sure the tires are inflated. Depending on the weight of the person and the thickness of the tires, it blows about 4-5 atmospheres, of course they do not have to be soft. It feels like a press. With your fingers. ”

The benefit of BMX is flexibility.

“In some countries BMX is compared to motorcycle because of similar skill requirements. There are many good cyclists in Latvia who participated in BMX as a child. “However, when small bikes were introduced in the Olympics, athletes focused on bicycles and no longer dreamed of motorcycles.”

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