Breu: “I want to see 90 minutes of fighting and character on Thursday”

On Thursday, the Lithuanians will face the Faroe Islands at home, and on Sunday they will try to take revenge on Luxembourg on the road.

On Sunday and Monday, not all of the national team members who competed in their championship over the weekend arrived, and the national team should train at full strength on Tuesday.

National team coach Reinhold Breu, who spoke at the opener on Monday, stressed that he expects a good game in Thursday’s game.

“I feel good, everything is fine, we still need a few players, we will be able to do well from tomorrow. “Now we have to check the players after the weekend, we have a few injuries, but I believe everyone will be healthy and ready for a good game on Thursday,” he said.

He also did not underestimate future opponents, who Lithuanians lost 1: 2 in the first round of the League of Nations.

“We know our strengths and weaknesses, the quality of our players is not bad, we should find a good idea of ​​how we want to beat our opponents. Faroe Islands may be a small country, but they are not a weak team, they have their strengths, but the staff and I have an idea of ​​what we want to do and most importantly, we want to win the game. Our goal and we will see how things turn out. I want to see 90 minutes of team fight characters. I think everything will be fine, ”the specialist said.

He also said that it is important to change the mindset of football players as much as possible and introduce them to the right concept of the game.

“The situation is not easy, we have lost a lot of games in recent months, but I do not want to talk about what happened, I talk to the players about what we want to achieve. First, we want to have a stable team, especially in defense, but we play at home and we have to play with the ball. I believe in my team, they are quality players, young and old, experienced, they will have to be important on Thursday.

It is important for us to find out what our strengths are. We checked over 40 players, watched a lot of recordings, our analysts were very busy, now we have 23 players, but the door is open for all Lithuanian football players, especially the younger generation. Seems very interesting. ”R. Breu shares his thoughts.

He also received questions about national team veteran Saulias Mikoliunas, who currently plays 98 games for the national team. Will it be number one hundred?

“The football family should be proud of this situation. I spoke to Saulius, he is part of our team and I am sure he will reach the 100-player limit,” said the Lithuanian coach.

September Lithuanian squad:

September 22 (Thursday) at 9:45 pm Lithuania – Faroe Islands (LFF Stadium, live broadcast via VOA).

September 25 (Sunday) 9:45 pm Luxembourg – Lithuania (Live on VOA).

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