“Citus” News: The final phase of “Miško ardų” has been launched, adding 62 homes to supply

Real estate project management company “Citus” has started construction and sales of the third phase of the “Miško ardai” project, which has been under development since 2019. The final phase of the quarter added 62 apartments to the supply of new housing in Vilnius in the Burbiškiu Valley. Given the supply situation in the capital, this number is small, especially since sales that began in early September have reduced it to 60. The investment in the third phase of the project will be more than 8.3 million. Euro.

The main construction in the third phase of the “Miško ardų” has already begun in July and 80% of the work has been completed. The company plans to receive a construction completion certificate in 2023. Quarter IV A total of 62, 2-4 rooms A + power class with an area from 51 to 94 sq.m. Is put on the market. Meters and the price is from 3,100 to 4,100 euros per square meter. Currently, there are 60 vacant apartments left in the third phase.

Under the house, 102 parking spaces and 134 bicycle storage areas (storage rooms) and 60 separate bicycle storage areas in the former rebuilt bunker are planned.

The “Miško ardų” project has passed the epidemic exam – despite the difficult stages, the work arrangements are isolated (supplies are disrupted, contractors are deciding how to ensure uninterrupted work in When after the announcement of isolation, workers from other countries arrived home and newcomers could not arrive). Despite all this, in the first two stages, out of 218 apartments, 207 were sold under a notary contract. Although stability has not been brought about by the new turmoil later, observing the growing customer interest in the Citus project, we are happy with the lessons learned. That allows us to continue this project and offer more exclusive apartments to the market, “- said Mantas Galdikas CEO.

In the “Miško ardai” project, which was established in 2019, two phases with 218 modern apartments were built on Burbiškių Street. In the first phase 103 were built and two show flats of the project were still unsold (they will be used for demonstration purposes until the end of the third phase) and in the second phase with 115 houses There are only 9 flats left. The client lived in the first phase for more than a year, and in the second phase was also established – in May. It gets more than 85 percent. Certificate of completion of construction work.

Investment in the entire project, including the third phase, should reach about 30 million. Euro. The developer of this project is “Celijus” UAB, an investment company for investors who have been informed about the closed type, the manager is “Citus” and the construction manager of the third phase is “Citus Construction”.

The three stages of “Miško ardų” form a single architectural group designed by the “Vilnius Architecture Studio” and closely related to the Burbiškii forest environment: the triangular structure forms an inner park while the side remains open. In order. To “allow” existing land and forest into the inner courtyard. The inner courtyard of the project covers an area of ​​1 hectare – a similar size is Cathedral Square in Vilnius. 14 recreation areas, entertainment venues and entertainment venues are planned here. These include the Amphitheater, lounge, table tennis, Pergolas and more. Part of the courtyard with swimming pool, rooftop frame, recreation and table tennis and bicycle storage in the former bunker is already equipped.

In the forest next to the “Miško ardai” project, two more projects of other developers are planned, which, although construction is less active in them at the moment – will create a cozy human settlement. Hundreds of families.

“Miško ardai” is characterized by special architectural elements – at the height of the tops of tall buildings on the roof, where each house looks like an individual house, surrounded by terraces on all sides. They are equipped with “Penthouse” or “loft” type apartments with 8-meter high ceilings, thatched roofs with reminiscent lights, attic loft and spacious terrace.

Outside the courtyard – Burbiškiu Forest Park – 170 hectares of hiking trails and bike paths. All the apartments in the project are special: the house is arranged in such a way that you can see as few walls as possible and as much greenery as possible through all the windows. Everyone will have one big, even 9 square meters. Balcony.

Figures and facts

  • The project address is Burbiškių st. 6 Vilnius;
  • Number of apartments: 103 in phase I, 115 in phase II, 62 in phase III;
  • Energy efficiency class of the building – A +;
  • Number of rooms and apartment area: 1-4 rooms; 36-124 sq. M. m Area (Phase I); 36-102 sq. M. m (Phase II); 51-94 sq. M. m Area (Stage III);
  • Investment: Phase 1 – 8.3 million. Euro, Phase II – 9.6 million. Euro, III – 8.3 million. Total Euro (planned) – 30 million. Euro;
  • The total number of parking spaces (in the basement) is planned to be 343, 7 motorcycle parking spaces, 134 bicycle storage areas (storage room) – 134 and 60 separate bicycle storage spaces in the former reconstruction. Bunker.

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