Clashes between skiers and motorbikes on the coastal bike path: “He was traveling at 60-70 km / h Hours “.

The accident happened on Saturday at 12:00.

A middle-aged couple is skiing from ចំហៀងventoja side, while the young couple’s scooter is flying in the opposite direction from Palanga.

The pair did not move forward – a painful fight ensued in the small bike lane. Ambulances were also called to the scene.

A 41-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man collided with an electric motorcycle approaching a curve while rollerblading on Ošupis Road, according to data released later by the Lithuanian Road Police Service. Three people were injured: both pedestrians (rowers) and a 24-year-old man riding an electric motorcycle. Tronic.

He shared his interest in the event. 15 minutes Readers who have questioned the use of high-speed vehicles on bicycles The thinking of a witness who sees the collision with his own eyes is simple: if the driver is not knowledgeable enough, there should be regulations. Strictly at least to limit their speed on such a fun trail?

According to readers, he was riding his bike and had just passed by this pair of skiers on the way to Palanga: “They rode quietly, relaxing, chatting. I heard they were enjoying the great weather today.” .

According to the rider, he saw a “chopstick” from the front, an electric motorcycle designed for riding while sitting and suitable for transporting passengers.

A man about 25 years old was driving and a girl of a similar age was sitting behind him.

The witness was shocked: “Their speed was so high that they were flying about 60-70 km in An hour.

It is not possible to cross skiers safely, especially when turning. According to the cyclist, when the motorcycle from “did not turn” due to the high speed collision hit the skier, but the skier also hit. The fallen skier lay on the grass and waited for the doctor.

Reader photo 15 minutes / at the scene

Reader photo 15 minutes / at the scene

According to the correspondent, the skier tried to argue, explaining that the skier did not keep “on the other side of the road”, but after hearing criticism from those around him for careless running on bicycles and sidewalks. This he stopped.

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