D. Wimmer – Upcoming Rivals, Loss and Celebration of Women’s Football in England

The match will start at 19:00 at Vilnius LFF Stadium, admission to the match is free and the Lithuanian Football YouTube channel will broadcast the match live.

National team coach Daniel Wimmeris assured before the upcoming match that regardless of Romania’s ability, Lithuania will have their own match plan.

“It was great to see the girls and get ready for the remaining two games, they will be an exciting game. But we have a week to prepare, I think we will have a good camp and enjoy both games.

Of course I saw the last game (against Romania) but it was a long time ago we knew the Romanians, we had the video material, we knew their strengths.

This is a very good team, they are higher than us in the FIFA rankings. However, the game must be played on the field. “We have a clear idea of ​​the game and we will see if everything goes well this Friday.” The national team stressed.

This time, the national team will have to do without any of its leaders – Liucija Vaitukaityta recently underwent an operation after which players have been waiting for a period without football.

“Of course we do not just have Lucia (Vaitukaitytė). I kept in touch with her, she underwent meniscus surgery, rehabilitation took a little longer, should be a few months. Of course we will miss her.

I also talked to Rimante Jonušaita, she is doing well in recovery in Milan, we will see maybe she will be able to play in the Baltic Cup. “Of course they are both good players, but we have a total of 24-25 good players and we will prepare with them for the games against Romania and Croatia,” said a specialist from Germany.

The coach himself has been in charge of the team for about half a year and says he enjoys the way he is accustomed to Lithuanian football.

“My relationship with the players has improved. Of course, everything takes time. At first it took time to adjust to see each other’s reactions to some things, now six months later I think I know Lithuanian football better than I did analyzing a lot of players watching a lot of games.

“I think we have already managed a good relationship. Of course it takes time for it to develop, but I think we are on a good path,” said D. Wimmer.

The national team will face this match after a disappointing match in Moldova where they have to share points with the hosts.

“Of course we want to win there, we are a better team, we have more chances, we do not take them. We still need to improve our game in the last three rounds, but overall I am very happy with the progress of the team from February to now.

“If things continue like this, I think we have a good future ahead of us.”

She also recently celebrated the European Women’s Football Championship, which in England has always attracted tens of thousands of fans to the stadium.

“Yes, I watched a lot of games, I think the level has increased significantly, it can not be compared to what 5-10 years ago, and the sport has also become a career. I think Levels will rise further in the coming years, but the levels are already not bad.

The girls see such games as international competitions and they deserve a lot of fans in the stadium.

I really hope we get more fans for the games against Romania and Croatia. “The actresses have improved a lot. They are on a good track and I think we will get more fans in the future.”


September women’s national team standings

September 2 (Friday), 19:00, LFF Stadium: Lithuania – Romania (free invitation).

September 6 (Tuesday), 19:00, LFF Stadium: Lithuania – Croatia (free invitation).

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