Danisevičius, who left the pitch to play for “7bet-NKL”

Paulius Danisevičius played for seven years in the strongest national basketball league “Betsafe-LKL”.

Kaunas “Atletas” has attracted a defender from the country’s most capable basketball league.

It has been officially announced that 27-year-old striker Paulius Danisevičius has joined the Kaunas.

Last season Danisevičius played in Pasvali’s “Pieno žvaigdės” and in av. Recorded 4.9 points, 2.8 assists, 1.4 rebounds and 4.1 points in 15 minutes.

“Atleto” provided good conditions and after last season in the miserable Pasvaly I decided to stay in Kaunas and return to the rhythm here – Danisevičius is quoted in the report. “There are already familiar faces in the team and I think we should be a competitive team and aim for the highest goals.”

Danisevičius has been competing in the LKL since 2015. He spent six years in the “Dzūkija” of Alytus, and last summer he went to Pasvalis.

Danisevičius played his best match last season with “Dzūkija” when he scored 16 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds and 20 points in 32 minutes.

“Atletas” kept Egidijas Dimšas, Karolis Babkauskas, Gytis Sirutavičius this summer and Rolandas Aliyevs as assistant coach.

Pasvalos “Milky Star”

Location Players Age Height
PG Corey Allen (Information)
23 187
SG Martynas Arlauskas (Information) 22 200
SG Evaldas Šaulys (Information)
29 191
SF / SG Ignas Vaitkus (Information) 29 197
SF / PF Justas Furmanavičius (Information) 27 197
SF / PF Artyom Kovalov (Information) 24 202
C Martynas Pacevičius (Information)
25 205
Coach Ramunas Viraka (Information)
Mantas Šernius (Will Not Return), gyygymantas Skučas (Will Not Return), Randy Culpepper, Markell Johnson, Kristaps Gluditis (Will Not Return), Karolis Guščikas, Paulius Danisevičius (Will Not Return), Simas Jarumbauskas (Will Not Return) Will not return), Paulius Petrilevičius (will not return), Dmytro Skapinevs, Arnas Beručka (will not return)
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