Delfi Introduces Exclusive Game for Basketball Fans: The Best Predictor Will Win Xbox Series S and Gaming PC

The recently released “EURO 2022 guess” game is intended for everyone who is interested in basketball and wants to have an interesting time. Although the European Basketball Championship will start on September 1, you can already make predictions for the first round of the tournament. You can predict the results both individually and by creating a total program together with a group of friends and registering on the page at

Registered game participants or teams can predict the outcome of a specific match that day before the start of the match. 1 point is awarded for wrong prediction of the winner of a specific match by the participant or the team as a whole, and even 3 points are awarded for predicting the winning team. If a participant or team guesses the actual result of a particular match, even 10 points will be awarded.

Winners will be selected and announced on September 20th. Delfi organizers will evaluate the team members’ actions based on the number of participants and the predictions made. After selecting the 13 most active teams, prizes will be awarded by lottery. One team will be rewarded with a Microsoft XBOX Series S game console, four teams will be rewarded with a Retro Console 621 gaming console, and nine teams will be rewarded with a Retro Mini Sup 400 PC.

Meanwhile, each participant who completes 1-3 will win a Microsoft XBOX Series S, a 4-5 winner will win a Retro Console 621, and a 6-20th basketball fan will receive a PC. Play the game “Retro Mini Sup 400 ‘

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