Diaw expects Embiid to represent France at 2023 World Cup

Joel Embiid was recently granted French citizenship and now tall men are expected to wear the country’s shirt.

Former France captain and national team player Boris Diaw hopes NBA star Joel Embiid will join France at the 2023 World Cup.

Boris Diaw

Boris Diaw
Location: PF
Age: 40
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Place of birth: Corbeilles France

“He does not have a FIBA ​​license yet, but it would be great if he could play for France. We know he became a French citizen. We try to have as many good players as possible and build a team out of them that plays well together, ”Diaw told RMC Sport.

It was previously announced that Embiid wanted to take part in the European Championships, but the injury did not allow him to do so.

The 28-year-old center from Cameroon gained French citizenship in July.

Last season, representing the Philadelphia 76ers Embiid, he scored 30.6 points in the NBA and was the league’s top scorer.

The 213-centimeter-tall athlete also became the first non-born basketball player in the United States to become the most productive player of the NBA season.

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