Due to the “Pon” electric bicycle factory in Kdainiai, more than one beer is brewing

Photo by Judita Grigelyts (V).

Nederland dwirai mon Pon.Bike to open electric bicycle factory in Kdainai. Its capacity will reach 600,000 cars per year. Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Focus and Urban Arrow bikes will be produced.

Investuok Lithuania, which confirmed V News today, details that during the first three years of operation, Bike expects to employ around 300 people, and in the future the number could increase to 500.

I had the opportunity to be close with my team, I visited their factory in Western Europe, I had to contact a representative of the management. It is the most advanced company in every sense with a unique culture, a valuable company with a clear vision and strategy. Its arrival is indeed a great achievement for Lithuania, bringing not only significant changes to the regional economy, but also to Lithuania as a whole by promoting transportation. Ecology since 2016. From the fall to mid-2021, he was president of the Baltic Bicycle Factory, now director of Cosmoway Cosmetics.

Baltik vairas made bicycles on Pon’s orders.

Giedrius Valuckas, board member of the Kdaini Free Economic Zone (LEZ) and developer, says Pon’s decision to build a new two-wheeler plant in Kdaini LEZ shows that Lithuania’s promotion work is competitive and easy for Business has yielded results.

We know that the investor carefully evaluated not only the possible location, but also his decision to build in Kdainai. I have no doubt that Pon Bike appreciates attractive logistics conditions, warm infrastructure for new factories, production bases, supply chains and increased working capital. If you get such investors because many countries in Central and Eastern Europe will be successful, you will feel more and more motivated to attract investors in the Kdaini SEZ by strengthening its popularity and multiplication. Property of this location abroad. Valva.

World leaders

Pon.Bike, which employs 2,400 people worldwide, recently became the world leader in bicycle manufacturing, following the acquisition of Dorel Sports, owner of the leading Cannondale brand. International. Such a acquisition would allow the company to reach $ 2.5 billion. Euro.

To meet the growing demand, but at the same time to maintain a simple and efficient transportation system, we are increasing our production capacity in Europe. In addition to the highly innovative plant in Dyren, the Netherlands, Pon.Bike is currently building a plant in Emtek, Germany.

The new plant in Lithuania is the last point of the Hmong development plan. Bike will start operations in Kdaini’s 130-hectare free economic zone.

Strongly believing that the global bicycle market will continue to grow for a long time, Pon.Bike is committed to making bicycles an increasingly important means of transportation around the world. According to Mons representative Jacques Geijsen, the new investment allows Pon.Bike to better adapt to changes in the global micromobility solutions industry in which Europe plays a key role.

J. Geijsen says after considering options in Central and Eastern Europe, the best conditions are in Lithuania. i alis clearly stands out in terms of stability, ease of doing business, as well as a motivated and qualified workforce. Considering the latest changes in the market, a good logistics system that Lithuania can be proud of has also become an important factor. Kdaini is located in the center of the country with excellent commercial infrastructure and is also close to the second largest city of Lithuania, Kaunas. We plan to create attractive workplaces that will lead to sustainable solutions.

Invest in Lithuania CEO Elijus ivilis believes the new plant, built in Lithuania, will help Pon.Bike supply the best products in any segment of the bicycle market.

I am pleased that E. ivilis points out that amid growing environmental concerns, Lithuania is helping to achieve people’s vision to support sustainable mobility.

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