EuroBasket without Adidas: a new strategy or mobilization for battle? / News

Why is Adidas, whose revenue in 2021 exceeds 25 billion euros and up 10 percent, not a single European basketball team under the wing?

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As a sports marketing expert, I am always interested to see which branded basketball team to take to court with. The last EuroBasket brought some interesting observations.

It’s clear that Nike has won the European Championship “one by one” as my team-mate and current 3×3 Lithuanian coach Dainius Novickas used to say. Although four brands shared the last four (Nike, Jordan, Peak and 4F), eight of the 24 teams (Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Israel, Sakartvel, the Netherlands and Hungary) wore Nike equipment. Three more (France, Slovenia and Croatia) – Jordan, a product of the same company Nike. The two national teams are adorned with products from China’s Peak (Germany and Serbia) and Spalding (Italy and Belgium). The oldest sports equipment in the world.

And not the only national team with Adidas. Even the Germans were coached by Chinese, not German, with a proud history of sportswear approaching the turn of the century. By the way, Puma, which used to separate from Adidas, also sponsors not Germany but Turkey.

What happened that 30 years later, the company that supplied the Lithuanian national team in 1992 did not support a single European team?

Let’s see what it means to sponsor this national team or the uniform. I will take the example of Lithuania.

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