European U20 runners-up who left the “Ryto” system joined “Šiaulius” / News

By inviting Jakūbas Rubinas “Šiauliai” completed the group composition.

Jokūbas Rubinas, the new silver medalist of the European U20 Championship, joins the Šiauliai basketball club and finishes the team. A long-term contract was signed with Mažeikiškis.

Jacob Rubin

Jacob Rubin
Location: PG
Age: 20
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Place of birth: Mazeikiai, Lithuania

The 20-year-old, 186 cm tall, competed in the National Basketball League (NKL) last year, where he represented Vilnius “Perlo-Energijos”. In 30 games played, Rubin collected 11.9 points, 2.1 rebounds and 4 assists.

“Jacob has been noted since the MKL era. “When the opportunity arose, we invited him to training camp,” said club director Donatas Slanina. – He has left a good impression on the coach and we hope Jakūbs will be able to benefit already this year. It is no secret that young people have always been and are an integral part of our team. This long-term contract is another investment in the future. “We will try to provide Jakub with the necessary tools for improvement.”

The group stage of the European Youth U20 Championship was difficult for Rubin, but in the playoffs he became the most important player for the national team. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, the defender contributed to the victory with 11 points respectively, and in the final with Spain he scored 8 points.

Sieu Lee

Location Players Age Height
PG Donatas Sabeckis 29 198
PG Jacob Rubin (Information) 20 186
PG / SG Kyle Mangas (Information) 23 193
SG Mantas Litvins (News) 19 199
SG Eimantas Stankevičius (News) 24 190
SF Martynas Varnas 24 196
SF Daniel Baslykas 21 197
SF / PF Paulius Danusevicius 21 203
PF Kaius Leliukas 18 203
PF Bryce Douvier (Information) 30 201
PF / C Arminas Urbutis (News) 36 206
C / PF Nemanja Bezbradica (News) 29 207
C John Zohore (Information) 31 210
Coach Antanas Sireika (Information)
Issuf Sanon (will not return), Isaiah Armwood (will not return), Jonas Elmore (will not return), Ernestas Jonkus (will not return), Jonas Paukštė (will not return), Giedrius Staniulis (will not return)
Interested in: This set is complete.

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