FIFA and UEFA threaten Lithuanian club and national team with disqualification

In the assessment of the International Football Association, of which the Lithuanian Football Federation is a member, such legislation is in violation of FIFA regulations and UEFA rules that Lithuanian football is in danger. Direct consequences:

– Suspension of national team participation in matches organized by FIFA and UEFA;

– Suspension of Lithuanian football club participation in matches organized by FIFA and UEFA;

– Suspension of all powers of the Lithuanian Football Federation as a member of FIFA and UEFA;

Termination of FIFA and UEFA financial assistance to Lithuanian football.

The International Football Association (IFA) informed representatives of the Lithuanian Football Federation yesterday evening that the interference of some Lithuanian politicians in the activities of the Independent Football Federation was considered a violation of the provisions of FIFA and UEFA rules. Directly negative. Consequences for all Lithuanian football – both national team and Lithuanian football club.

Representatives of the International Football Association (IFA) have again warned Lithuanian football representatives that the passage of such a law, initiated by members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, will lead to the suspension of Lithuanian football clubs and national teams on the international stage. And the termination of all Lithuanian football funding from these organizations. This action will be taken by the International Football Association immediately.

For my part, I would like to emphasize that in the opinion of the Lithuanian football community, football management is a total issue for the football community itself, any change should be made only with the consent of the football community.

The LFF has a working group on improving the best management practices, meetings are planned with politicians and representatives of all interested institutions, the Lithuanian Football Community Forum will be held in October, where the most important issues will be addressed. “I believe that constructive discussion is the only way to achieve the goals of Lithuanian football,” said Tomas Danilevičius, President of the Lithuanian Football Federation.

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