Football coach K. Bričkus has left vivid memories, but he has not received a new stadium.

Lithuanian football fans are eagerly awaiting their first match at the rebuilt Darius and Girėnas stadiums. Famous football coach Kazimieras Bričkus did not live to see today. Former FBK coaches Kaunas, Kaunas Karedos, Kaunas jēgerių and other teams left for Anapilin a few days ago.

“Diligent, honest. He was like this from the beginning until the last day of our acquaintances “, – these are the words used by former Vytautas Magnus University football coach (VDU) Algimantas Putramentas to describe his former comrades.

Born in 1954, K. Bričkus began his athletic career in Kretinga, his hometown. There the talented young men were noticed by the football experts of Panevėžys and invited to the sports school of the city. Later, K. Bričkus, who studied in Kaunas, competed in the Lithuanian Premier League for many years, wearing the jerseys of Kaunas “Aido”, Kaunas “Kelininka” and other teams.

After finishing his career, K. Bričkus received an invitation from the Kaunas Football School, where he worked for almost three decades. Colleagues working with Kazimierz and trained footballers, he first remembered the coach’s pedagogical talent. He found a way to the heart of every student, he could interest even the biggest skeptic in the sport. The player who knows the specialist emphasizes his sincerity, selfless sharing of considerable experience, ability to motivate demands, but at the same time not insulting, choosing the right words, unique sense of humor.

In the youth team Lithuania and FBK “Kaunas” K. Bričkus contributed to the education of a famous football team. Specialists have coached the Kaunas “Karedos” and “Kaunas jēgeriau” for several seasons, and with FBK “Kaunas” he has become a national champion many times.

The deceased will be said goodbye on Friday, September 23 at the “River of Souls” funeral (Milikonių st. 7B, Kaunas). Meak Bochea will be held on Saturday, September 24 at 9 am. In the Church of the Holy Spirit (Šilainiai) (Milikonių str. 18, Kaunas), the coffin will be taken to the second Romainiai Cemetery on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

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