From the President “Crvena Zvezda” – Strong criticism of the Federation and “Partizan” / News

Belgrade club president Crvena Zvezda Nebojša Čović believes the Serbian Basketball Federation is living on past achievements and Partizan can not compensate in Serbia.

Nebojša Čović, president of the Crvena Zvezda club in Belgrade, appeared on Serbian television where he had a controversial idea.

The 64-year-old Serbian started with an analysis of Svetislav Pešič’s performance in the European Championships, where the Serb unexpectedly lost in the round of 16 after losing to Italy.

“Respect for their players should not be criticized. The responsibility should fall on the Serbian Basketball Federation បានovičius began his speech. Those people were good athletes 30 years ago, but in sports you can not live on the virtues of the past. Every day is a new beginning.

The image of the media that we are a basketball country is ridiculous. Which other basketball country? A country where a team can leave the championship freely and unpunished, I am “Talking about Partizan.”

Excited Serbian players continue to name the federation’s weaknesses.

“Everyone is silent in the federation. What country is this basketball country? Everyone can do whatever they want here. Basketball is Spain winning the European Championship, even though it is going through a generational change. This is the most successful basketball country of the century and we are still living on the achievements of the past.

There were no Serbian referees in the final of the European Championship. Nikola Jokic was not in the EC Symbols competition, but Antetokounmpo also fell first. It shows that we are weak and useless. It’s time to start asking yourself questions. This is the last sign “Čovičius closed the subject of the federation.

The Belgrade president is not afraid to talk about the club’s financial situation.

“We will try to keep the level that our fans used to be. However, I was a little worried about the upcoming season – the Serbian admitted. – Many people want to go to war with our club and the media also contributes to this. She went on to ask if there was a budget transparency check. Even though no one has found anything in it for ten years.

Do we get money from the state? Yes. We appreciate every Dina received. But we will ask for more support, we know some clubs get more. “Anyway, I am happy that Serbia will have two teams in the Euroleague, but I want everything to be transparent.”

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