Grigonis, who drew attention to the “interesting” schedule: there will be a war, we will go to battle

France’s victory over Bosnia (81:68) on Wednesday gave the Lithuanians a chance to continue their fight for a place in the 16th round of Eurobasket 2022 and the members of the Lithuanian national team themselves have strengthened their status. This by putting Hungarians on their shoulders (87:64).

Wednesday 3:30 pm Major clash with Bosnia and Herzegovina awaits the Lithuanian national team. After winning the match, the Lithuanians will take fourth place in Group B and pocket their tickets to Berlin, where the qualifiers will take place. In the round of 16, the best team in Group A will have to wait for Lithuania, either Turkey or Spain. The 16th round match will be played on Saturday, September 10.

However, at this time it is necessary to compete almost without a break. For the second time in the championship, with several days in a row, the Lithuanian basketball players will have less time off than their opponents – Bosnia and France played the first round of the round on Tuesday: But after about an hour had passed after the end of the confrontation, the Lithuanians began their meeting with the Hungarians.

Such a schedule was also drawn last weekend, as Lithuania had less time to play after Saturday’s game against France than the hosts Germany at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. And champions. The Lithuanians lost to them after working overtime for two hours.

After a meeting with Hungarians, M. Grigonis drew attention to the inconvenience, citing the organizers of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

“We are playing an ‘exciting’ schedule again. I do not know what the NBA star will say about such things, but I know other teams are complaining as well. Is the case for FIBA Show evenly.“, M. Grigonis waving his shoulder after the victory against the Hungarians.

According to Athens defender “Panathinaikos” who scored 15 points in the Hungarian pack, even though the Hungarian team was crushed in the end, the first victory in the match was not easy.

“At first there was some excitement. We all did not play in the first championship and should have more rest, we should enjoy basketball more. Sometimes there are conflicts, the game is still suspended. I don’t think it’s good for us – we have to run fast. “And hide each other in defense.”

Domantas Sabonis improved the form and usage record of the national team in the match against Hungary, collecting 19 points and 30 points.

Although the start of the championship was difficult for the Sacramento Kings tall man, Grigonis said he had no doubt the Domantas would shoot in the end: “I know what Domans can do. People can say What they want. I believe in him, he is a member of my team and I never doubted him. And if one day he plays worse for me I do not care about that.

When asked if, after a successful day for the Lithuanians and the chances saved on the trip to Berlin, stress eased slightly, M. Grigonis claimed he did not feel pressured. That no.

“I do not feel stressed at all in this championship. I’m glad I was able to play basketball. I came to the game and gave everything. And what I can not control, I can not do anymore, “said the basketball player who did not plan to watch the final match of the day between Germany and Slovenia.

And after a fierce battle marked by 36 points by Lukas Dončičius and a mistake by Dennis Schroder, the Slovenians won 88:80, thus facilitating the Lithuanians’ task against Bosnia.

It was clear that a victory over the Bosnians would pave the way for the German capital for the Lithuanians despite a one-point lead.

According to Grigonis, the battle with Bosnia will be hot on Wednesday, and the fact that opponents of the Death Squad intervened to fight for a place in the Playoffs did not surprise him too much. According to him, every team can strengthen its ranking with the help of natural basketball players who quickly change the face of the national team. In the national teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is John Roberson, who scored seven points and three points in the Slovenian team on Sunday.

“Bosnia is very tough but has a lot of holes. They have a “Bosnian” point guard who probably grew up in Bosnia in his childhood and give them that edge, which is a three-pointed star. We will have some pre-match views VideoWe will make a plan. It will be difficult, there will be tough battles – hot Bosnia will be at war and we will go to battle. “They have a good national team, but since everyone chooses the strongest team for the European Championship, any team can change very quickly,” Marius said.

Germany, France and Slovenia have already qualified for Group B in the last 16, but the order in which they will be ranked in the final standings will be revealed only after the last round. Only Hungary, who have lost all four of their matches, have no chance of advancing to the next round.

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