Guščikas moving from Pasvalis to Gargždis / News

“Gargždai” ended a short-term contract with Karolis Guščiks, who defended the “Milk Stars” honor last season.

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“Gargždai” is preparing for the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) for the first time invited Karolis Guščikas.

Star of Pasvalos Pieno / Schedule

The 30-year-old striker has signed a short-term contract with Gargždi, which includes the possibility of continuing until the end of the season. The exact duration is not specified in the club’s official statement.

The 206 cm tall basketball player represented Pasvaly’s “Milk Stars” last season.

He averaged 6.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 8 points in 17 minutes in the LKL.

It has been reported that Guščikas is already working with the team and is preparing for the club’s debut.

Composition of “Gargžda”:


Location Players Age Height
PG Mindaugas Stašys (News) 36 179
PG Josh Newkirk (Information) 28 185
PG / SG Aurimas Urbonas (Information) 29 198
SG / PG Marius Runkauskas (News) 36 186
SF Mantas Ruikis (News) 37 197
PF Julius Kazakauskas (Information) 31 198
PF / C Robert Keliačius (Information) 24 210
PF Karolis Guščikas (Information) 30 206
C Giedrius Staniulis (Information) 31 206
C Serunas Benisosis (Information) 29 206
Coach Paul Juodis (Information)
Ernest Jonkus, Ernest Bružas, Benas Ilevičius, Giedrius Sakalas, Arvydas Kačinas, Simas Galdikas (Retired), Rokas Gedspudas, Povilas Gaidys (Will Not Return), Dovydas Romanchenko (Will Not Return)
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