I still do not know if we will stop Gianni

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Germany strategist: I still do not know how we will stop Giannis

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The quarter-finals of the European Basketball Championships in Berlin begin on Tuesday. German hosts will try to create their own ‘wall’ to stop Greek star Giannis Antetokounmpo, but is that enough? – He asked Krepšinis.ltAhead of the upcoming quarter-finals (Tuesday 21:30 in Lithuania), Germany national strategist Gordon Herbert says stopping NBA star G. Antetokounmpo is almost a chore. But impossible when asked what would determine the outcome of the match, G. Herbert chose three factors. “Protection after the transition will be very important. The second is how we will stop Giannis – I do not know if it is possible yet. Maybe you can think of something. The third was to go home and fight. In the 16th round, the Czechs dominated the defense against the Milwaukee “Bucks” star – G. Antetokounmpo, scoring just four points. However, everything changed in the second half of the match when the Greek leader added 23 points to his account and led the team to victory. “We will play with one of the best teams in the world and one of the best basketball players. G. Herbert said five games at Eurobasket 2022 G. Antetokounmpo Most productive and useful. On average, he scores 29 points per game and collects 33 points. The situation of the German national team is not easy due to unforeseen circumstances – one of the leaders is Franz. Wagner has injured midfielder Johannes Voigtmann with a cold. Defender Nick Weiler-Babb has been ruled out of training with a hamstring injury sustained in Hungary and Montenegro. ” “We have nine players and it is not clear what the situation will be like on the day of the game. Germany won 4 and lost 1 in Group B,” said G. Herbert. And reached the quarter-finals after beating the Montenegrin basketball .. One of the leaders, Dennis Schroder stressed that the strength of the team is a good atmosphere inside.

This was also highlighted by G. Herbert: “We strongly agree internally – all agreements are implemented and the plan is implemented.” “I’m not talking about the fact that we have our own talented players.”

The history of the game was not good for Germany, the last time they beat Greece was in 2001. The last time Germany reached the semi-finals of the European Championships was in 2005. The Greeks then finished in the top four in 2009 when they finished bronze. Spain and Finland, led by Lauri Markkanen, will start the quarter-finals with Germany-Greece (6:15 pm), France. Italy take on TOP-4 on Wednesday (6:15 pm) and defend Slovenia and Poland (9:30 pm). .

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