In the coming season, LKL will provide viewers with Fantasy / News

As the “Betsafe-LKL” anniversary season approaches, the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), along with the Estonian debut, “Cryplect” will give fans a special experience in the new season – ” Betsafe-LKL “Fantasy League.

“We are very happy with our partnership and joint project. The fact that Betsafe-LKL will finally have a fantasy basketball solution is great news for our fans.

The 30th season of Betsafe-LKL will be very exciting and challenging, and the fantasy game between us and Cryplect will make this season even more memorable and engaging, “said LKL CEO Justinas Liaudinskas.

The product that Cryplect and LKL are developing is different from the usual fantasy games.

With the Betsafe-LKL player card, Cryplect will allow users to not only play in the Fantasy League, but also collect photos or match times of Betsafe-LKL players using NFT technology (unique data units and can not Changeable stored on blockchain). This game will allow you to collect NFT cards of many different rarities, which, even if not used in fantasy games, will have a long lasting value.

“We are pleased that the Lithuanian Basketball League” Betsafe-LKL “has given us Fantasy Games and Digital Card Development. We will try to give Lithuanian Basketball fans the best experience possible and we hope it It will be a great trip together, “said Martinas Londas, founder of Cryplect.

Lots of valuable prizes await Betsafe-LKL Fantasy players throughout the season.

You can get to know yourself with the project here:

Extensive game launches and Betsafe-LKL Fantasy launches are expected as the season progresses.

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