In the hands of Germany – the European Basketball Championship medal that has been waiting for 17 years.

After a 17-year hiatus, the German national team won the European Championship medal.

Gordon Herbert’s men in the small finals in Berlin 82:69 (19:14, 17: 9, 18:26, 28:20) Defeated the Polish basketball player and won the bronze medal.

The last time Germany won a medal at the European Championships was in 2005, when Dirk Nowitzki was still in the national team and Germany finished second.

At that time, Poland was the fourth remaining country since 1971. Recorded the best result of the match.

Even before the break, Germany scored four penalties in a row and after that three consecutive points, Germany went on to run 13-0 and take advantage of 14 points (34-20) after a shot by Dennis Schroder. .

However, Paul was not bothered and brought back the charm at the end of the third quarter, ie they reduced the deficit to 5 points (49:54) and early fish. Fourth Gold, they even got the result (59:59). .

Johannes Thiemann then initiated the idea on his shoulder with just three arrows, and Johannes Voigtmann added two more long shots, but Aaron Cel responded with the same goal (64:65).

German leader Schroder also spoke in the decision-making, scoring five points in a row (73:64).

Mateusz Ponitka scored three goals (69:76) with a minute and a half left in the game, Schroder made a mistake and AJ Slaughter was able to bring Poland closer to the opposition with a long shot, but his shot Missed. Goals. With one minute left, the Germans kept the victory in their hands.

Schroder, who became the hero of the match, scored 26 points in 32 minutes (3/3 double, 4/7 triple, 8/9 penalty) with 6 assists, 8 errors, intercepted. Got 2 and collected 23 usage points ..

“We have a lot of potential for the next 3-4 years,” Schroder said after the meeting. – Franz Wagner will shoot Now he is 21 years old. He has a great character. “Coaches always know what we need to do to succeed.”

Voigtmann played the most useful game for the winner, collecting 14 points (0/2 doubles, 4/5 three times, 2/2 penalties), 9 rebounds, 6 assists, errors, 2 steals and blocks and 29 assists in 28 minutes. Score.

Michalas Sokolowskis stands out in the Polish national team. In the 33rd minute, he scored 18 points (5/6 doubles, 2/7 triple penalties, 2/4), caught 6 balls, scored 3 goals, had one turn, stole 2 and collected 20 points.

“We were very close to the bronze medal … our defense was good in the first half but we could not find ourselves. You are not in the offensive. We got back into the game in the second half, we were close but the Germans found a free kick and hit They. Congratulations to them, ”Sokolowski said.

Germany: Dennis Schroder 26 (4/7 pts., 8/9 pts., 6 assists, 8 turnover), Johannes Voigtmann 14 (4/5 pts., 9 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks, 27 shot), Daniel Theis (6 Rebounds) and Andreas Obst (2/7 treys) 9 goals, Franz Wagner 8 (4 assists).

Poland: Michal Sokolowski 18 (5/6 twice, 2/7 three times, 6 times), Jakub Garbacz 12 (4/4 three times), AJ Slaughter 10 (2/7 three times, 10 rebounds), Mateushas Ponitka 9, Aleksanderis Dziewa 8.

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