In the meeting of the mayor with the president of the apartment building – about heating challenges, parking and other issues.

On Wednesday, more than 200 multi-apartment association presidents gathered at the Alytus City Theater in response to the mayor’s invitation to meet and talk in person about the problems they face and how to deal with them.

“Every day I get emails and phone calls every week – visits from the apartment community. Some want to increase the pits, some can’t find a compromise with the neighbors, for others the trees are on the street and so on. The questions flow endlessly.

That is why we invite everyone to come together and I and other experts answer the most frequently asked questions at the same time, “said Mayor Nerijus Cesiulis.

Problems with the house manager are discussed with the chairman. It is promised to provide assistance and advice on legal issues. Residents are reminded of the possibility of installing a parking lot, basketball court, lighting or gazebo through partial participation, when 60 percent of the funds are covered by 40 municipalities by residents.

City Hall has already allocated 13 713,458 over four years for the establishment of a location or other facility through partial participation. It is also noted that in order to save money and help citizens, partial financing is not provided to business entities.

Most housing association presidents are very concerned about issues related to tree felling and weeding and winter landscaping.

The upcoming heating season and the upcoming challenges are also getting a lot of attention. The chair is given an explanation of what to expect and is reassured by answering questions.

Side parking options are also discussed, citing parking on ផ្លូវaltinės and Topolių as examples. Naming this type of parking lot may be expanded in the future. Possibilities of maintenance and installation of sidewalks and bike paths are also discussed.

“The presidents of the multi-flat associations will now be able to defend their rights firmly, provide modern solutions to their associations and if problems arise they will know where to look for answers.” After all, the more information you have, the faster decisions are made. We decided that such meetings should be held regularly. ”

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