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“I need a bike! Request”Bikes Online“Will offer a lot of options: if you know what you want, it will be easier to choose.

To help you find your way around the “jungle” bike, Terrasport consultants, an online sports and tourism store, have examined the main types of vehicles.

MTB (Mountain)

Mountain Terrain Bike (MTB) will be great not only in the mountains, but also because of its greater flexibility and traction, it will easily overcome even “stubborn” surfaces such as gravel. Battery. Cliffs and climbs and the like.

Mountain bikes are characterized by a large number of gears (up to 33 gears!) With front and rear wheels, which leads to the possibility of changing the riding style quickly and easily, overcoming even the most difficult obstacles. Sturdy and thick frame, efficient dirt-disc brake system on wheels, reliable traction gear are some of the advantages that are inseparable from this type of wheel.

Highway and CX

Road bikes, often called race bikes, are designed for fast rides on smooth road surfaces. The low weight of the seat wheels above the steering wheel (this seat leads to less wind resistance and allows you to ride faster) The pull-down arm are some of the technical features that distinguish road wheels from other types.

The CX is a hybrid of road and mountain bikes (the brake pedal and tires are “borrowed” from the rear wheels), allowing you to ride not only on smooth surfaces, but also on quality roads. Also low.


Spacious seats under the steering wheel, steering wheel oriented to the rider, allowing you to ride without turning your back, chain protection and mudguards near the wheels that protect against bad “bath” mud: these are: An urban bike designed for easy riding on smooth city roads or rural roads. It is very easy to attach a child seat to this type of bike, often with a trunk or even a bag, so you will not have to worry about how to transport the necessary items.


Bicycles for children are not only a means of transportation, they are also a popular pastime among young children!

When choosing a child’s bicycle, it is important to consider the height of the child, as it also affects the size of the wheel. Although children’s bikes are usually not intended for long distances, taking into account the desires of young riders, more flexible bikes are available for riding on any surface.

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