In this area, cyclists will find the most favorable conditions for travel: they also share tips for other cities.

Improving bicycle infrastructure is on the agenda of cities of western Lithuania

Bike lanes in the cities of western Lithuania have been named by travel agents in Lithuania as one of the most exciting and unique experiences.OhDuring the Asara period, the area also attracted cycling enthusiasts due to its spectacular scenery. The beauty of nature. To further enhance the uniqueness of Western Lithuania and to better meet the needs of locals and visitors. For communication By bicycle in western LithuaniaThe seven The cities of the region, by mutual agreement, have actively developed the Klaipėda regional bicycle network.

After completing the existing Local bicycle infrastructure Status After analysis and identification Problem, decide to take Decisive action that will help make this area the most attractive and safe place for cyclists in the long runThe thickest area in all of Lithuania. According to Eglė Stonkė, Executive Director of the Association “Klaipėdos”, the city of Western Lithuania, working from the shoulder is an important guarantee of success in the matter of cycling infrastructure:

“I believe that our preparationA An analysis of the bicycle network of the Klaipėda region with clearly improved recommendations for all interested parties will facilitate the preparation of housework for the sustainable improvement of this infrastructure. ” Focus Cities of Western Lithuania The broader activities and vision are highly valued by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania. Overview of local activities paving the way for a simple view of countries For cooperation and planning – T wheelAka Does not end at the border of a city in a particular area.

It is planned to link different settlements of western Lithuania with bike lanes to updateHey “EuroVelo 10” and “EuroVelo 13” routes that run through the region and to fully adapt to sustainable and ecological mobile transport Mr.Sea bike path.

In this area, cyclists will find the most favorable conditions for travel: they also share tips for other cities.

PerfectIn developing the bicycle network in the western region of Lithuania, there are also plans to develop other aspects of the bicycle transport infrastructure: to initiate the establishment of a bicycle marking system and Take it “cyclist” Accommodation Standard Merger And practice in Lithuania. The development of the bicycle lane is an important part of the specialized strategy of the Klaipėda region until 2030. Part of implementing the direction of the service economy.

The focus is on promoting more environmentally friendly mobility modes.

Local vCycling infrastructure is being developed, Without a doubtIs an important step. To promote the choice of more environmentally friendly mobile options in the region and sustainable tourism.

“By establishing a convenient bicycle infrastructure in Western Lithuania, we will encourage more eco-friendly travel options that will help preserve the country’s sensitive territory. Strong on human activity in the region – Curonian Spit National Park, Pajūris Regional Park. In this way we will respond to the problem of climate change while promoting the slow pace of life and Slow tour The press release says the trend is only to strengthen bicycle tourism, which became popular during the COVID-19 period. AExecutive Director of the Association “Klaipėdos region” E. Stonker.

Neringa Mayor Darius Jasaitis estimates that Klaipėda has areas of natural and cultural value, especially conservation, that require sustainable solutions.I: Saving natural resources, creating a healthy and entertaining living environment. D. Jasaitis is convinced that the sustainable development of infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians will further encourage alternative transportation options and reduce vehicle traffic, while creating greater and safer opportunities for Active recreation in nature.

Currently, there is an active focus on cycling in various cities of western Lithuania as a form of alternative mobility.And for promotion. EverythingThe most anticipated change in Lithuania is the international significance of what works through the entire Curonian Spit. Of EuroVelo 10, Extends from the border with Kaliningrad in Neringa to the Latvian border in Būtinge, Reconstruction.

“The first part of the repair work from Klaipėda to Juodkrantė in collaboration with the Department of Motorways of Lithuania and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania should start this year and in the next few years we really want to repair this road about 36 It is good that with this reconstruction we intend to continue the route connecting Preilas and Pervalkas with the coast.The mayor of Neringa said in a statement.

WaitingAmong the major changes, the pedestrian and pedestrian lanes connecting the southern and central coasts of Nida, as well as other bike lanes in Neringa, have already been rehabilitated.

The focus of all stakeholders is essential to achieving the goal.

Seeiant to the cities of western Lithuania is remarkableTourism with different development.Bicycle lanesOhs – both the length of the road and the entire infrastructure. The shortest section of the bike path in western Lithuania belongs to the cities of Skuodas and Šilutė districts.

In this area, cyclists will find the most favorable conditions for travel: they also share tips for other cities.

AEdgaras Vaškaitis, President of Active Trips, a community of professionals for travel, adventure and recreation in western Lithuania Commentary: “It really does not mean there is a situation. Depending on the city itself – much is also determined by certain government solutions and strategies. “Smaller cities often do not get enough money for territorial planning compared to larger cities that have more financial resources.”

E. Vaškaitis, by reviewing the plans of the seven cities of the Klaipėda region, reveals their most important aspiration – to improve the bicycle lanes so that they serve the local people as a means of transportation and tourism. Local approaches and joint work of cities of Western LithuaniaI was really helpful in this. Interviewer “All stakeholders are coordinating their activities and working together to repair the infrastructure of the bike network more effectively, we will see a change faster.” More important prospects for the future are talking more about sustainable tourism, creating attractive and engaging tourism products, promoting them and enhancing the convenience of cyclists.

Therefore, we invite all those who like cycling tourism, people and national guests to follow Klaipėda d of areaChanging the pedestrian network and connecting to more sustainable tourism promotion in Western Lithuania and across the country!

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