In Vilnius, an electric bicycle was caught on fire – it exploded while couriers were taking orders

Strange pictures were taken by witnesses in Vilnius. In Žirmūnai something exploded, people rushed to see who was speaking loudly. It turned out to be an electric bicycle driven by a food delivery man. Suddenly, the courier, Wolt, turned away from the car, jumped off the burning wheel, and left it on the grass.

Firefighters arrived on Tuskulėnai Road, but the tires caught fire immediately. There is no danger to the car. According to experts, lithium-ion batteries are best extinguished by instant cooling, for example by immersing them in water or pouring them over.

“I just got out of the way, I wanted to press the gas a little bit and the battery exploded,” said the owner of the burning bicycle. I do not know what happened. It started to smoke, so I quickly threw it on the grass. And I think I have to get down right away – well I did because it started to explode … then thank God here … – but you did not fall, nothing just started? “No, no, you know how hot it’s as a phone battery.”

The owner says he bought the bike a few days ago. The courier bought a used electric bicycle, it is possible that it is defective.

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