In Zarasai, the first champion of Lithuanian “gravel” cycling is presented

From left: Diana JArmalavičiūtė, Inga Paplauskė, Giedrė Nizevičienė. Photo: Danas Macijauskas.

Inga Paplauskė (TRItonas) and Andrejus Dolgovs (top team) became the winners of the first Lithuanian “gravel” cycling championships held in Zaragoza.

I. Paplauskė drove 100 km on gravel and forest roads for 3 hours. 32 minutes 42 sec. The silver medal was won by Diana Jarmalavičiūtė (+28.06) and the bronze by Giedrė Nizevičienė (“Dviratai-Daistatus”, +37.30). Natalija Boguševičienė (“Ironmama”) was fourth, Elena Čiuraitė was fifth and Laura Karaliūtė (“Antaris”) was sixth. Thirty cyclists took part in the race.

A. Dolgov drove 150 km in 4 hours. 34 minutes 20 sec. The silver medal was won by Mantas Staliūnas (top team, +3 sec) and the bronze by Jokūbas Zdanevičius (Voltas, +11.14). Fourth place went to Tadas Malinauskas (Bliz), fifth place to Edvinas Marcinkevičius (RC Die Schwalben Munchen) and sixth place to Marius Mingėla (Fakelai). 110 Lithuanian cyclists participated in the race.

The Lithuanian champions are co-organized with the “Betsafe Epic Gravel” competition. Nearly 300 cyclists participated in the event, organized by MB “Kudos3000” and the Lithuanian Cycling Federation (LDSF).

Latvia Andris Vosekalnis won the 150km race (115 participants) – 4 hours. 33 minutes. 14 sec. A. Dolgov, who finished second, was 1 minute behind him. 6 sec. Aurelijus Dailidonis (CEO Cycling Club) was the first in the 100km race (173 participants) – 3 hours. 19 minutes. 52 sec. Latvian Normunds Griestins (+1.42) finished second and Vilius Brusokas (“Nikeliutas spykis”, +12.28) finished third. Fifth among all participants was I. Paplauskė (+12.50).

Gravel cycling is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. The International Cycling Federation (UCI) is hosting the first World Gravel Cycling Championships in Italy on October 8-9. This year.


From left: Mantas Staliūnas, Andrejus Dolgov, Jokūbas Stanevičius. Photo: Danas Macijauskas.

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