Information for Vilnius residents: They created a bike path that could be used to carve numbers – 700

Every year at the end of September, International Mobile Week invites you to help cities breathe – residents are encouraged to forget about cars at home and switch to cycling or public transport. It is said that this year, on September 16-22, almost 600 cities in Europe registered to participate in European Mobility Week, and Vilnius actually joined them, according to a press release.

To increase the motivation for the transition from cars to bikes, JUDU and “Neakivaijinis Vilnius” have set up a unique themed bike path spanning nearly 10 km, inviting you to see the capital celebrate its 700th anniversary by Different views – on two wheels.

“There has never been a bike path like this in history,” he said. When treading, you will not leave the capital, but you will travel through all eras of Vilnius – from its base to the present day. And the trajectory of the movement, according to 30 stops with separate stories on the map, will be added to the number of the anniversary of the upcoming capital – 700! This is the latest route, according to the city study course “On the bike” recently offered in the program “Neakivainnio Vilniaus”. To find things on two wheels. It includes the main roads around Vingis and Karoliniške Parks, Belmonta, Neris Beach, Lake Verkii and Zaliuis and along the Neris Bridge with sound recordings for all cycling and – green cities – you like “- make you Coordinator of the project “Neakaividinii Vilnius” interested. Foreign relations of the Vilnius Municipality and Sonata Griškienė Senior Advisor of the Department of Tourism.

Information for Vilnius residents: They created a bike path that could be used to carve numbers - 700

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This road is on a repaired bike lane.

Route 700 is not only an interesting crossing, but also the newly redesigned streets of Vilnius, which make it easier to travel by bicycle every year. Participants who choose this route will travel along T. Shevchenko Street, where the wide asphalt layer is transformed into a quiet and comfortable place for those traveling on foot or by bicycle. Also – via the main red asphalt road built this year on Algird Road.

According to JUDU’s Sustainable Mobile Expert Jonas Simutis, Vilnius’ bicycle network has reached more than 130 km and high-quality tarmac is accessible to most parts of the city. During the previous year, major bicycle lanes were built in Algirdas, Geležinkelios, Žalgiris lanes, and this year construction began on T. Narbutos, Darius and Girėnos and P. Vileišios lanes.

“Perhaps the most gratifying thing is that the locals have been actively involved in these changes and the expansion of the cycling network. This shows that the number of people cycling in Vilnius is increasing – not only for entertainment but also for work purposes. We see that public attitudes are changing and cycling culture is emerging. If previously no one cared about the road conditions or their absence in Vilnius in recent years, the residents of the capital have raised their expectations, they pay attention to the development. Other bicycle infrastructure – shelves, storage – J Simutis says.

In the coming years, Vilnius will continue to achieve its goal of building up to 20 km of new bike lanes every year. Indeed, according to sustainable mobility expert Jonas Simutis, huge breakthroughs await in the development of bicycle storage infrastructure. During 2022-2023, 18 new bike and motorcycle storage areas will appear in Vilnius, which will be installed in residential areas.

On the occasion of Car Free Day, there is free travel on Route 700

During European Mobile Week, September 22nd. On the occasion of Car Free Day “Neakivaidinis Vilnius” and JUDU invite you to try the road for free at 6 p.m. On the guided tour.

“This path is like a journey through Vilnius time on a bicycle. The timing will change with each other: we will meet Zigmantas Sierakauskas who are questioned, later we will see how Antanas Vivulskis designed the church we will attend. In building the first block house, and then we go back to the 17th century. And we will see how the guns fired from the fort. Thirty historical sites, 30 stories from different eras. Probably after this road. It would be easier to answer one simple question – has Vilnius changed so much in 700 years?

Vilnius residents are invited to sign up for a free cycling tour here.

For self-guided tours, you can find the Vilnius 700 route here or in the mobile app “Neakivdainio Vilnius”.

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