Instead of cars, bikes, motorcycles, buses: can people be persuaded?

Yesterday morning, a “car-free day” campaign was held in Vilnius with the Ministry of Environment and the police. Police knocked on the windows of drivers with public transport tickets and reflective devices and tried to persuade them to go the next day without a car – on public transport legs, motorcycles or bicycles.

The driver who was interviewed said he was not afraid because he already knew about the action plan on the radio and when asked if he would use such an opportunity to go to work by public transport. The driver notices that he chooses the bike more often because it is easier.

One stopman said he was old and easy to use for his own transport, while another complained that unfortunately working conditions required a car, so he opted for a bicycle only in his spare time.

Aistė Gadliauskaitė, a representative of the Ministry of Environment, commented on the campaign in detail.

– Many delivery tickets are given in Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys, Šiauliai Which city do I forget?

The full LNK report is in the video:

There is an activity in Klaipėda. We have included all major cities. This is the first time. We hope to expand to more cities next year, but we are happy that we can spread the word in our big cities. I think people will tell each other and learn about days without cars.

– Can people be persuaded?

There are many reasons to do something uncomfortable. Our goal is to give up the car for at least a day and take public transportation, bike or scooter or walk. More than one study was conducted that day, pollution was reduced in the city. It does a great job not only for the environment but also for yourself.

– We are talking about five big cities. How many public transportation tickets are there?

– Each city has its own specificities. We distributed dozens of letters in Vilnius. Seven travel cards are distributed in Kaunas. The number varies, but about a few hundred will be distributed.

– Is such an act to be repaid?

– Difficult to speak. We believe in human understanding. This is the first campaign. We know the message must have been heard. This is the most important thing.

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