Juškevičius about Kurtinaitis training: “I do not remember when I had to do a lot of sports” / News

Adas Juškevičius, who emphasized the difficulty of Rimos Kurtinaitis training, revealed that he played with one of the Wolves’ strongest teams.

The newly formed Wolves are actively preparing for the upcoming season. The first training camp is halfway there, and the team players are already taking the ball in their hands, shifting from improving their physical condition to an element of basketball technique and strategy.

Adas Juškevičius, the first Wolves official to join the club, admits that Rimas Kurtinaitis, who is known for his hard work, lives up to his name, but the defender has no doubt that the sweat he will shed in This season.

“I do not remember the last time I had to play a lot of sports., – Basketball players have no doubts. – As they say, it feels Hinge I want to relax. I hope that effort will pay off. “Because of the hard work can get good results.”

According to him, at the beginning of the camp the coaches focused on preventing injuries and improving physical condition in the fresh air, but in the middle of the camp more time was spent in the basketball court.

“It is not surprising that in the first days and weeks of preparation the most attention is paid to defense and physical preparation. We do a lot of sports at In the stadium and soon we moved to the hall where we continue our fitness training.Juškevičius talked about training work.

When asked about the microclimate of the newly formed team and the emergence of interactions, one of the most experienced Wolves players has no doubt that the most important thing is the combination. Join the legionnaires of the team because the Lithuanian basketball players know each other very well. .

In his opinion, the two commanders working with the team, both Ahmad Caver and Hugo Invernizzi, would have no problem adapting to the Lithuanian core in the composition.

“We are trying to include them in the group that guides them to Lithuania. They are very good people, they listen. And this is the most important thing. If you are smart and want to understand everything as quickly as possible, this is what you need to listen to. They do it perfectly. I think things are going in the right direction. Handsome man, quiet, not messy, absorbs knowledge well.

I played with Hugo in the French club Nanterre 92, so I know him very well. A person who does not cause problems, a good player. Ahmad is also a completely new calm for Europe. He wants to establish himself here. Works great, listen to instructions. “Everything is fine”, – Juškevičius did not leave good words about his foreign teammates.

Next week, the “Wolves” will begin a friendly tournament with a match against “Labas GAS” from Prien.

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