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In the Autumn Cup of the GEALAN-Capital Basketball League (SKL) you can find many interesting names and many interesting teams, but the composition of a team is really confusing at first glance.

One Lavrinovičius, another Lavrinovičius, Šiškauskas … It seems that the composition of the bronze group of 2007 is being named. Hell, no. In 2007, these men counted the first years of their treatment.

Time passes quickly. It’s hard to believe, but the sons of Lithuanian basketball heroes Darjuš and Kšištof Lavrinovići and Pippen Ramūnas Šiškauskas are taking their first steps in men’s basketball, representing the “Vilnius KM-2006” team.

And that it was time to open the door to the men’s basketball, the descendants of the legend already revealed in the first match of the Autumn Trophy. Although Krzysztof’s 15-year-old son Danielius is not competing at the moment, his 16-year-old cousin Titas and son Ramūnas Matas have given the man a chance.

M. Šiškauskas scored 21 points, 10 rebounds and 24 utility points, T. Lavrinović added 19 points, 7 rebounds and 20 utility points, and the youth led them defeated the “Naujas projektas” (75:66).

“They can play at the highest level” manager Vilnius KM-2006 responded to the Capital Basketball League portal when asked what the legendary basketball son should achieve. In the future. Coach Edvinas Justa. – I have almost no doubt that if they continue to work like this, they should each play at least LKL.

However, it should not be limited to that, they are players with unusual data, so we can also talk about the potential of the most influential European leagues. They should all play basketball. Of course, if they do not turn to study, because they are really good learners and set an example for their peers. Class. ”

To journalist Gustav Klikna, coach Justa gave a detailed account of how the son of a famous basketball player grew up, highlighting the similarities between their parents and their most prominent characteristics.

– What is special about this generation?
– We have a lot of strong players respectively. I believe we will endure all the challenges. Most men are winners in their age category.

This team includes the descendants of famous basketball players. What does Darjuš Titas Lavrinović’s son look like?
– Everything is good, he is a capable player, he does not have much physical strength, but this Autumn Cup will be a great test for him. This will be an opportunity for him to use his speed and technical skills to learn to beat stronger opponents as he plays in the 4-5 position.

Titus is 16 years old and his height reaches 206 cm. How big can he be?
– With shoes already 208 cm. It’s hard to predict. Its biggest jump is in the last two years. I think he will definitely be 215 cm tall and bigger than Darjuša.

Titus plays in the middle or heavy wing role. Does he have Darjuš talent?
– Yes. We put him in two positions to further develop skills by playing both under the basket and facing the basket. The latter style is easier for him to play. For his age, Titas was quite flexible, he fired three shots that Daryushas also had. Of course he still lacks meat, but it will come with time. They also grow up late and say their children are taller than they were when they were 16 years old. The brothers helped show results among men somewhere between the ages of 19-20, so Titus still had plenty of time to get stronger, and compared to his friends, both he and Krzysztof Daniel’s son were stronger.

Photo L. Žemgulis

Krzysztof Daniel’s fifteen-year-old son is currently 188 cm tall. Is it possible that he will not be as tall as his father and become more of a defender?
– It could be anything. Daniel now plays a defensive back and has a younger brother who should be taller. If Daniel grows up, the arsenal of defense skills he has now will surely be useful in the future. Looking at the current trends of basketball, high men with defensive skills are probably the most prominent.

– What is the difference between Krzysztof’s son?
– He is an intelligent player, reads the situation well, does not get lost in difficult times and can make quick decisions. Of course he lacks physical strength, Daniel is still lean, but he has a good three-point lead. However, the most important thing in modern basketball is making decisions, and at his age he knows how to make those decisions quickly.

– How are Titus and Daniel similar to Darjuš and Krzysztof?
Both of them are as good as their parents. Daniel, Titus’ defender, is probably more like you. He has the ability to control the ball, both his face and his back to the basket. Titus had very long limbs, he felt good about when to stop a shot that his brothers also felt. It happens that players have very long limbs but do not know how to control them. This is not the case with Titus. He felt where and when to stand, when to stop shooting. It is given or it is not. It is very difficult to teach it. Reading and understanding the situation comes from the parents. You can see how much the two brothers really care.

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– Son of another legend – Matas Šiškauskas. What does this young man look like?
– Very interesting player who stands out from his abilities. He can play both second and third place. Matas has high expectations and is the most prominent player in his age category. He reads the game well, knows how to drive and throws the ball with his right and left hands both near and far from the basket. Matas has excellent technical skills and game reading. A full copy of the father. Probably not explosive and slower than his father, but otherwise it was the same. And look visually – that walk, body language, plastic, arsenal of movement, end the attack. If you had to say who your child was without knowing it, you would surely say so.

– It looks like Matas will be bigger than Ramūnas soon because his height is 196 cm. What position do you see him in the future?
– I think he will be a 2-3 position player similar to his father. Ramūnas usually plays in the third position, Matas will be able to move to the second position as well.

– Ramūnas has good ball control and offensive quality. Matthew has it?
– We are working on it now. We want Matas to play with more balls. “But in terms of potential, he is good in both his right and left hands and I think he will be able to play freely in time.

– What do the sons of these three basketball players look like?
– They are later mature players, but they are already leaders. Titu may still lack strength, but Matas Šiškauskas is already one of the leaders in the team. Daniel is also in the national team by age.

– Is there competition among young people, especially when other team players find out that the sons of famous basketball players are playing sports with them?
– The team is very competitive. Whether they are the children of basketball players or not, everyone participates. My own coaching philosophy is that they compete with each other. You can see that men work harder to get better. The same siblings and Ramūnas do not leave advice for their children. The siblings trained their children throughout the summer, taking care of them. It’s not like kids play basketball a lot because of status. They work hard, they give their all and the competition in the team is constantly boiling. It does not matter who your child is, you have to work for a few minutes and then you get It. It’s easier for me as a coach because I work with my students more than that.

How often did you communicate and consult with the Lavrinovičis and Ramūnas brothers during the training process?
– Constantly. It is very easy to do it with them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. They will tell you about their personal experiences, share everything they know. They take great care of the children and the team, so both the siblings and Ramona are very close to the team, which only makes me better.

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