Klaipėda City Hall to become a shareholder of Neptūnas Basketball Club

The decision was backed by 18 city council members, with three abstentions.

The “Neptūnas” basketball club appealed to the mayor of Vytautas Grubliauskas in the summer with a request to take over the club’s management package to avoid bankruptcy, but the city wants to take over part of the management package.

Edvardas Simokaitis, head of the property management department of Klaipėda City Hall, offered politicians to consider two options – to take one part of the capital out of 20 or nine parts out of 20.

Such a proposal to accept part of the club’s gift was also considered in 2020, but then politicians did not support it.

“We have received new proposals from major shareholders and represent further consideration of this issue. E. Simokaitis said the call is clear – to occupy the control package, one can say to occupy the control.

He said he did not propose to consider the possibility of accepting the inspection package, as it complicates the club’s activities: the institution should manage its accounting in accordance with public sector accounting standards and financial statements, implement public procurement, etc. .

Prior to the meeting, additional materials organized by the club were distributed to council members. It states that only after taking over the club ធនាគារiauliai Bank received a claim for credit coverage. If the loan is not insured, the club will go bankrupt, so the shareholders quickly borrowed ,000 250,000. Euro.

It was announced that after the current shareholders took over the club, the debt reached 1.5 million. Euro and it is consistently reduced, but it is still 800 thousand. Euro. Debt repayment processes have been slowed by the onset of epidemics and an increase in property taxes.

Given the example given, Vilnius became 40% of the “Rytas” basketball club. Part owner of the club when his debt was លាន 4 million.

“The shareholders ‘letter states what led to the shareholders’ desire to transfer the shares – Kovid-19, which affected the war activities in Ukraine, which affected the financial situation and the ability of the shareholders to support or contribute to the activities of the club.” Simokaitis said.

According to him, the debt of the institution is separated from the debt of the shareholders so that the burden of debt of the city hall will not be reduced.

Sigitas Ambrazevičius, president of the “Neptūnos” club, in response to a politician’s question, said the city would hold only the men’s basketball club, but after that the same club flag would be 16-18. Undergraduates, undergraduates, women’s basketball and soccer teams, even if the legal entities are separated.

“The city will feel comfortable with a larger share, there may be more involved in decision-making,” the governor said, adding that the city would own nine shares.

“We are preparing a pre-season budget for this special season, we want to ask for 1.2-1.3 million. EUR Support ”said S. Ambrazevičius.

The club’s total budget should reach around 1.6-1.7 million. Euro.

The Committee on Culture, Education and Sports has asked councilors to postpone the draft resolution and publish a poll of townspeople on club management, but the proposal was backed by only three politicians.

According to the registration center, the shareholders of the “Neptūnos” basketball club are currently Tomas Daugėla, Marius Girčys, Vidas Augaitis, “Rietuva”, Vytautas Lygnugaris, Vidmantas Dambrauskas, Arūnas Tuma, Alvyčdas Vaičiūnas and Sigitas.

V. Dambruskas and A. Tuma are members of the Klaipėda City Council.

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