Lekavičius on “galgiris” changed: “We will have to prevent other groups from breathing” / News

Lukas Lekavičius, who is trying to forget the painful defeat at EČ so far, has participated in four “galgiris” training sessions where strong defense is emphasized.

Kaunas basketball player “Zalgiris” will play the final off-season match on Thursday evening in the training hall of “Zalgiris” Arena. The final test of strength before the official start of the season will be conducted by ក្រុមalgiris against Riga VEF.

Before the match, which will start at 18:00 and will be broadcast live by “galgiris Insider” to the client of the MVP plan, defender Kaunas Lukas Lekavičius spoke with “galgiris TV” about his situation and the team before The end of the season. Preparation.

“Of course there was not much training, maybe they missed a bit because we were recently involved. We may have four coaches, but the good thing is that we know the coaches. We know his system in almost every combination. There are some differences, but we are still learning. “I think everything is fine and we will be ready,” Lekavičius explained.

The attacking midfielder took part in the team’s training after last week’s European Men’s Basketball Tournament and in Monday’s non-season match against Wolves he ran on the floor in less than 10 minutes.

According to Lekavičius, after joining the team, he saw a positive image – a team capable of actively defending and attacking.

“It is very difficult. The coach gave him some rest. I tried to remove my head from the national team, we really had a painful defeat. Coming to the game was not easy, there was little training, but the team left a good impression. I think we are very energetic, we are very defensive, we play very well. This scene really makes me happy.

Speaking about the team’s game and its possibilities, Lekavičius mentioned that the “galgiris” coaches, who are younger and more energetic, emphasize the work of Zalgiris on the side of their pitch.

“The coach emphasizes in training that we will try to put pressure on opponents, trade defenders, be aggressive, not allow the ball, not give other teams a chance to breathe. We have and offensive weapons – we will be able to run for quick attacks. Also, we are very good players. I think this is where our strengths will be, ”the basketball player assured.

L. Lekavičius, 28, is preparing for his seventh season in Kaunas so he can be called one of the most experienced basketball players in the locker room. The defender smiles when asked about his veteran condition.

“It’s a bit strange to be a veteran. I was sitting next to Kalnietis in the dressing room. I approached the veteran in the locker room. The feeling is interesting. It always happens that new players come in and old ones leave. Lekavičius said.

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