LFF Working Group Decides to Improve Statute

This draft will include, among other things, changes:

– It is possible for high quality Lithuanian football clubs (Optibet A League, Optibet Pirma League, LFF II League, Spark Energy Women’s A League, Futsal A League) to transfer their representatives directly to the LFF Conference.

– It is proposed to elect the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the member organization of the Executive Committee and the Ethics Committee at the conference.

Establish a condition that all elected officials of the LFF must meet the reputation requirements set by FIFA and UEFA guidelines.

During the meeting, it was confirmed that the next meeting of the special team will be held in early October during the visit of FIFA and UEFA experts to Lithuania. Meetings with Lithuanian politicians and representatives of responsible institutions are planned during the visit.

The Lithuanian Football Club is currently preparing a memorandum on the status of Lithuanian football during the “Lithuanian Football Forum” which will take place on October 16. The proposed change of management will be discussed by the Lithuanian football community. Tunisia and experts. The president of the International Football Association (IFA) will visit Lithuania in October and November.

Considering the comments and suggestions received, the draft statute will be prepared which must be consistent with FIFA and UEFA, in accordance with all the laws of the Republic of Lithuania discussed in the Lithuanian Football Community and with Institutions of interest. The final decision on the statute will be made during the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Lithuanian Football Federation.

To improve the performance of the federation by decision of the Executive Committee set up a special working group at the end of the summer, in which experts from FIFA and UEFA work with LFF representatives. LFF President Tomas Danilevičius has been named LFF Secretary General Edgaras Stankevičius and A League President Janas Nevoina, as well as FIFA and UEFA experts will work on the team.

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