Lithuanian Football Club is preparing a memorandum on the country’s football situation

The Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) reports that last week representatives of Optibet A League and Optibet First League gathered to discuss the current situation in Lithuanian football.

During the discussion, representatives of the Lithuanian Football Club in the Lithuanian Football Federation and the financial challenges that the Lithuanian Football Club and the Lithuanian Football School were discussed.

“Lithuanian football clubs that play in League A and League 1 understand that the initiatives of politicians cause great excitement, but it is very important to understand that both the management of Lithuanian football and the representation of clubs in The Lithuanian Football Federation is the whole issue of the Lithuanian Football Community.

A task force set up within the Lithuanian Football Federation has asked the club to submit a proposal on how to improve the existing rules so that the club’s representatives can meet the club’s own requirements and to identify the underlying issues facing the club. In them. Janas Nevoina, president of Optibet A League, said.

During the discussion, it was decided that the club would submit a memorandum in which they would outline their role in representing the club and attract politicians to the club’s financing issues from the state and municipal budgets, football school financing requirements. And complex situations with football infrastructure.

“In the background of the politicians’ speeches, the fundamental issues of football club activities related to the unresolved issues of state funding, the strengthening of training schools that train young football talents and the issue of state investment in As football infrastructure has shrunk, the league has decided to show their united stance on these issues.

“We believe that what is needed now is not an empty political battle, but a joint constructive work.”

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