Lithuanian, the only one in 2,000 cyclists: Rides 930 km and raises support for sick children

M. Žižliauskas with his family after graduation in Paris.

Marius Žižliauskas, who participated in the international charity initiative “Team Rynkeby” for the second year in a row, was the only representative of Lithuania to ride a bike to Paris this summer with 2,000 people. Cyclists come from all over Europe.

This is the first time that Lithuanians have participated in the final stages of the initiative when it was raised as far as the French capital. During the initiative, the funds raised by the representatives of Lithuania will be distributed to the charity and charity “Mamų unija”, which cares for children suffering from oncological diseases.

Team Rynkeby, an international charity initiative that began 20 years ago, unites thousands of cyclists every year who want to help children with serious illnesses across Europe. Throughout the year, teams from different countries train to raise funds for support and prepare for the final race to Paris. This year, the largest number of participants in the initiative were 2,024 cyclists and 538 assistants.

The only participant of the initiative from Lithuania, M. Žižliauskas, joined the team “Team Europe”, in which cyclists from Spain, France, Hungary, Germany and Denmark finally rode in a friendly manner. Arriving in Paris this year, as the epidemic spread, the great cycling was canceled for two years, it was held only at local events.

“This is a very exciting and wonderful event. Many cyclists dressed in the same way, sitting on the same bike, come together at the same time. A special corridor is being set up for cyclists to cross. People standing around clapped, cheered and raised their hands in greeting. M. Žižliauskas, logistics manager at Eckes-Granini Lietuva, says it feels good to be there.

His team started from Marseille and traveled to the French capital for seven days on a set schedule and schedule. In total, we have to cover about 930 km with 150-170 km covered every day. The teams that took part in the final race took different routes, but they all had the same goal – to get to Paris.

“Without year-round preparation, it will be difficult. Each team member must train individually, measure their progress and cover a distance of at least 2,500 km during the year to prepare for a week of intense riding. It was not easy because the temperature was 35 degrees throughout the day and on the first day we had to climb 30 km to reach the top of the mountain, which is 1900 meters above sea level. “M. Žižliauskas shared He.

The trip to Paris is not unique to the international charity “Team Rynkeby” – throughout the year its participants raise funds for children with serious illnesses that are transferred to various charities. After the last event. It is estimated that this year more than 9.5 million participants were able to gather. Euro. Support collected by Lietuvio M. Žižliauskas as last year goes to the charity and charity “Mamų unija”.

“This year we raised more than 2.2 thousand euros, slightly less than last year when we gathered support together with our colleagues. “Even if it is a small amount, I believe that every euro donated to a seriously ill child is a meaningful investment for their well-being,” said the Lithuanian.

According to cycling enthusiasts, very few in Lithuania are aware of the “Team Rynkeby” initiative, so it takes a lot of persuasion to persuade them to take part in a noble mission to help war children in Ukraine. Contributes to the delay as well. Donations this year.

Not only individuals but also businesses contribute to helping children. In 2016, “Eckes-Granini”, Europe’s largest juice producer, became a key partner and sponsor of “Team Rynkeby”. This year, 55 cyclists from different countries took part in the initiative from the entire Eckes-Granini group.

“Contributing to social and community welfare should be the responsibility of every business. Some support financially, others with their products or services. We also try to support and charities to join various initiatives, so we are very happy to have people like Marius in the group who dedicate their time and energy to helping children with serious illnesses. ”Juice and Fruit Company in Lithuania Marius Gudauskas, President of the beverage company “Eckes-Granini Lietuva”.

M. Žižliauskas, who recently returned from Paris, made it clear that he was already thinking about next year and his participation in “Team Rynkeby”: “When I joined this initiative, I did not expect “It’s a unique project. A few years. I will participate as long as health and opportunity allow.”

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