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Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania works together with the most famous rapper in Lithuania “OG Version”.

Photo: A. Cibulskas

Photo by A. Cibulskas

As the anniversary season of “Betsafe-LKL” approaches, the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) presents fans with an updated tune that will welcome basketball fans in all seasons of 2022-2023. Betsafe-LKL in seasonal matches.

Last season, a song composed by producer Justin Chachlauskas, better known by his stage name “Virus J”, was adapted for the new season “Betsafe-LKL” by music producer Laurynas Jackonis – “RSD” working together. OG version “,” Mad Money “,” Proflame “and other artists of similar style.

“When I received an offer from the OG Version to work on this project, I immediately imagined that it should be a job that gives a sense of victory and struggle,” RSD said. – At the beginning I started together and played with all the thoughts and ideas that just got into my head and then I chose the one that was most suitable for my vision.

Since the base was edited from a previous version of Virus J, I chose the chorus as the main drawing. It seems to be the most recognizable part of the piece and expresses the feelings and emotions of the whole piece very well. The best.

In this anniversary season, LKL will pay more attention to young Lithuanian musicians.

An agreement has also been reached with one of the country’s most prominent rappers – Dominyks Ježerius “OG Version”, which Betsafe-LKL fans will be able to hear in the match record. The most beautiful of the games or in other video clips created by Betsafe-LKL TV.

OG Version said of the collaboration with the Lithuanian Basketball League: “Basketball has been close to me since childhood, so when I got the offer to work together with the Lithuanian Lithuanian, I did not doubt it. No seconds. ” Rap music, especially abroad, is an important part of basketball culture. I am glad that I will be able to contribute to Lithuania.

“I have no doubt that with the equipment we create together with the entire Hitmen production team, we will try to combine the rhythms of basketball and hip hop.”

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Was this piece of AI created? Because that’s what it really sounds like. 🤦

Gabriel Dick Big

And from now on I say goodbye. May become pro-Russian league in the future

Cheap popsucha and that’s it. If you want a good introduction, check out WWE Guide, where past and present episodes are divided into episodes that are good tunes with popular phrases, and that’s it. Good epic 30 seconds. This can be easily done without the expensive special effects.


Who is this? OG Loc from GTA San Andreas?




Now, every minute break will be played by cheap rap, the scary advertisements of the bookstore will continue to explode, and of course immediately after the commercial, the host of the wedding will tell the audience a joke that Not funny to anyone.

Everything is like this

LKL management calls its marketing experts. They say they need new guidance because it is the anniversary season. Who is our main audience? Marketers answer: Villagers listening to Russian pop and tsitsyn songs and women from Malalia who vidas bareikis high class. Well, since the Russian pop play on Lithuanian TV will not be sad, what else do they listen to that will be nearby? Then a marketer starts advertising for mineral water that people have diarrhea – Vytautas. Oops, who is skrrr brabrina? We jam this music! Just find something cheaper because there is no money, the villagers still do.

No OG piece has skrrrrt, but you give insight: D and who has to make the tune? Air holes? Joana Gedmintaitė? : D

I’m surprised that Og is the most listened to artist in LT and got a lot of hatred: D I like this song, the decision to raise the popularity and the puppy, and that’s it …


You yourself are a fake expert without saying anything ordinary with your opinion. I explain to you that rap is the music of the uneducated, and you give me some kind of fascism, and in the ’90s, when I asked you the simple question, how many successful rappers are there? Civilians who do not rap about selling drugs, other crimes or stupid conspiracy theories. No other type of music has such a large number. Unless OK va chanson or Russian pop is worse, there is complete confusion. When some social experiment, such as tenkashi69 or yachty, there are hundreds of thousands of fans, the “musician” with an interesting mental disability, the tongue does not roll, besides calling this music and their fans crazy. If the rap is respectable from a distance, we will see its most famous artists defend their music against such vicious degradation as those 69ers. But it’s not, you know why? Among other things, I go to the tournament because it is easy for me to pay tens or even tens of euros for a ticket if the match is interesting. I wonder how many Lithuanian rappers can go to the competition? Who will you be? Some unemployed rapper Soundcloud with 10 subscribers upset that people don’t like his music like rap? Rap is the same bottom as steamrollers or tizzins of all kinds with blisters. You also can not prevent rap in the expression because you know that only Malays or you do not know Listen to this. However, you may not have read the comment because the old information already exists, but if you can drop your soundcloud link I will like it, maybe it will help you as I said.


I understand that if I agree with G&G there will be a bomb and this is what I know …

Laugh out loud

Well, when commenting, you need to watch it silently now with the earbuds and you will still need photos for the game.


What can I say to the commentator?

: D


I miss “brrrrr” and “skrrrrrr”


For me, OG turned into a vacancy after my friend’s girlfriend was hanged. Of the person who raised him. Without conscience, he does not understand what respect is.

Laugh out loud

Such suduka is made by fl studio in 10 minutes and can be purchased for around 20 euros.

That is

You can download it from Google Play to create music by any means. You can cooperate with me here. I will not spend a lot of money.

West> ozhio version


At the bottom, even the quad does not rust. 100% plagiarism in NBA style made for a black culture that does not exist in Lithuania. In LKL, the beggar’s mind wakes up again, shouting, “Hey, young people, we are creative.” It is better to give that money to the Prienas so that they can at least continue until Christmas without debt, instead of serving as street drug addicts who promote a cold culture.

I may not be so famous when I say I like this song. More modern songs that improved on last season – everything is fine. Such comments are not about the quality of the music, but about who made it. Like most people here, I like OG as much as Zalgiris fans like Jomantas or Babrauskas.


Well, this example is okay, not too bad, but this is a short quote and it is still a great normal sound that anyone can create in a few hours with the simplest of programs.

Rap is against music

Beat is also funny. Cheap piano loops in the beginning because what rappers like without it. Then some kind of sound, wow, like to raise it in a sporty spirit and I want a general drum. You can find it on Rhythm for free, you do not need to hire anyone. I felt it was cheaper than the copied Wolves logo.

Rap is against music

It’s enough that Euroleague has fooled himself by singing Euroleague songs. This is not music. How many rappers can play at least one instrument? Some young children who are not able to play to the beat often use downloaded software. And all the lyrics are the same: You are a lone wolf, no one understands you, so fight against the system because you are a lone wolf. Well, copy that paste and there will be half Lithuanian rappers. I also understand when Zas wrote a song about basketball many years ago, at least there was a joke there, but here there is a complete misunderstanding.

As you yourself say Algi’s phrase about rap, what origins can you talk about?

Thank you for reporting civil, illegal, propaganda or incitement.



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